Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Today was thrilling! I am so proud of Barack Obama and of my fellow countrywomen and men who voted for him. The time is here. A new page is turned. Let's write the rest of the book together!

Here is Obama's amazing speech if you missed it:

It gave my mom and I goosebumps and on several occasions all in our family who gathered to watch the speech burst out in applause. I have such hope! Let us carry our enthusiasm to November!

And congratulations to Hillary Clinton for running a death-defying campaign. That woman knows how to fight. It was wonderful to finally see a woman get so far, however I could not support her because of the type of person she is. I would love to have a female president however I do not think that we should vote based on gender or race.

That said, I feel that Obama has clinched the nomination based on his rhetoric, his charm, his intelligence, his inspiring words, and, for me at least, his ability to articulate his thoughts in both the written word and speech. As I mentioned in a previous post, I wanted him to be our nation's leader after having read his book Dreams from My Father written before he was even in politics. I have faith in him and in his wisdom and clear vision.

Thank you, Barack Obama!

melissa - Hey girl! I keep forgetting to reply to your comments. So why again do you have a paper to do over the summer? Is it for a class you already finished? I ask because I've never heard of that here!

morjana - Thank you kindly for your concern and your kind words, sweetheart! My idiot doctor called and asked, "You don't have asthma, do you?" and I said "well, I don't know, but I know the smoke was getting to me. Should I have an inhaler on hand in case there's another fire?" and the woman didn't even listen and said that I should make an appointment when I'm sick and need an inhaler, lol. But in the future, I should probably get tested!

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Mo said...

Well, your school system is different from ours. Here we have 3 semesters: September from September to the first week of December; January from January to the first week of April; and Summer which is either a week in the first week of May, or from May to June, OR from May to August (with summer intersession). I happened to take a History film class in the first week of May, so it was a condensed course, but my professor decided that it was mean to ask us to write a term paper before she left for Germany, so we have to write a 10 page paper-which is nothing!

I keep asking myself as to why I take summer classes, but then I realise that if I get this class done, I can either get my MA or my BEd faster haha!

--I'm also hoping for Barack Obama to win presidency, even though I can't vote!