Friday, June 13, 2008

The Sky is Orange!

Uncomplimentary but cool

The damp, cold fog rolling in this eve was a relief for it meant that much-needed moisture was creeping into the valley and mountains. Last night the fire was 25% contained. And it put our town that's technically too small to be a town in the news! I clicked on the link on the front page of the MSNBC news site about Northern California Wildfires, and stared in shock when I saw our town listed as the location! Shame it was for a scary event. I bookmarked the article, intending to print it out, but unfortunately some jerk updated it and my town is apparently no longer the source/location. I don't know how I'll recover.

Just now I checked the CDF site and the fire is 65% contained! The 50% humidity has really been helping. Though all the dirty air (there were all kinds of warnings about the vast amounts of burning poison oak that makes dangerous, sometimes deadly smoke) made the world turn orange at sunset. It skewed all the colors, highlighting any orange and turning grays a bluish hue. I thought it was cool. Look at the orange world!

Orange light on an orange deck

Orange and brown sky

Don't look at that too long!

The toot caught being naughty in some orange light!

Cora the goat is orange

The blue-gray on that tree is actually shadows!

Orange sunlight in my room... yes, you get to spy on my computer and the Angelina Jolie interview I was reading in Entertainment Weekly

The brown... er... line...

Orange light brings out the Communist's orange highlights!

Brown stuff and... if you look... you can see the orange line of fire retardant from a few weeks ago.

This hasn't been manipulated. It's just plain weird. No wonder Alex called after she got out of a movie and asked "what's happening to the world?!"

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Mackenzies Momma said...

Oh wow those are some amazing photos!