Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Satedan Food and Cakes

Trader Joe's is a wonderland full of lots of yum. Last time I was there I was hungry and bought something I thought would be yum. This was it:

My sister and I joked that it was Satedan food. You know, "Satay," "Satedan." Yesterday as I made it I was fascinated by the various Satedan customs when it comes to food preparation, such as packaged, pre-cooked noodles and a packet of goo. You mush 'em all together then microwave it for 2 minutes and viola! A Satedan specialty!

...Or not! I couldn't make it past a few bites. Satedan food is gross! No wonder the Wraith attacked their planet and killed them all! Good riddance! Now I get why Ronon is so in love with mashed potatoes. ;)

My sister's genius idea for how to best warm up some cheese for a tortilla

Also, I finally baked that cake for our local firefighters -- especially timely given that there were two more fires nearby today. That's two too many for comfort! Pathetically enough, "Thanks" turned out like a bunch of blobs. It's not like I have a BA in English or anything... In the thank you card I wrote, "Please enjoy this retarded chocolate cake."

When two of my siblings and I dropped it off, the firefighters were about to start their training session/meeting and were all gathered around a running engine. I waddled over with my cake and they were very nice, though one asked me what it was for. I should've gushed "for saving out lives! Our property! Our animals!" but instead stuttered out something about the local fire and how it had been heading straight at us. I was distracted because after I gave the cake to one of the men to take in, another declared, "Oh, sure. Give it to the chocolate monster. He'll come back with crumbs on his face."

Before I reply to your comments, let me just say that I find it hysterical that last time there were two comments, the most ever for any post, and it was about Kevlar, no less.

mackenzie's momma - How cool! And holding it is different from wearing it... especially when it's made for someone bigger than you! But yes - it certainly doesn't feel like a garbage can. It feels more like a... giant coarse sanitary napkin...

mo -
Trust me, high 90's and 100 isn't nice! It's life-sucking. Like a Wraith fart. And we're in a drought now. :( So be happy for your coolish weather! ;)


Hammy said...

Just discovered your blog and thought i'd drop in and say hi. *waves at the screen* I love you Atlantis videos, they've had me in fits of laughter.
I love the stories of your adventures on your blog.
I'm across the pound in the UK. I think maybe we should exchange some weather. We have constant rain at the moment, you have constant sun. If we trade half we'd have perfect weather :D

Mo said...

Try using mini- m&ms next time; they're easier to make letters out of :D

Or Skittles or Smarties. They're better ;)

We're in a drought too, mostly because the winter made our rivers melt and over flow, causing floods, and then dried up; or taken for when our wood plant blew up and set fire to an entire district.