Friday, June 20, 2008

Heat and Inconsiderate Splashing

Just for the record -- I hate Global Warming. I don't care if it's caused by too many emissions or by the regular heating and cooling pattern observed every 10,000 years or so since the start of the Holocene Era (our era), I still don't like it. It was 108 F today and we weren't the only ones in the state sweltering.

And... you guessed it! Another fire. Thankfully (for me) this one isn't close enough to be directly visible. But there's an aspect to it that is even more unsettling. It's not one fire, but rather four. Some punkassedshitheaddickwad set them. I also recently found evidence of a campfire on the top of the mountain behind our house. The worst part is, the people who "go out into the woods" and have a "campfire" usually aren't even from the area. But a warning to anyone who thinks they can risk it -- we mountain people are crazy. We will hunt you down. That's right -- myself included. I've helped the police track before and I was even better at it than their sniffer dog. Doesn't that scare you (for many reasons!)?

To make matters worse, we're taking care of our friends' chickens who have been left in their garage. Tonight when my sister and I went over to shut the garage up for the night we couldn't figure out how to get the door to shut. So Alex punched in the opening code into the keypad and right as she hit "enter," sirens started wailing in the valley. Her jaw dropped and her eyes grew wild as she half-ran a few feet from the scene of the crime. "They think we're robbers and they're coming to arrest us!"

She even got me to believe it as it sounded like the sirens were getting closer, and I was panicking, knowing that if we fled we'd look guilty and they'd lift our prints from the keypad, but we didn't exactly look like robbers since we were in our swimsuits. I mean, where would put anything?

On a lighter note, yesterday it was only 102 (I can't believe I just quantified that with "only") and Alex and I were bored and filling up the baby pool for the dogs so we had some fun with the camera, as well. The result is our new short, Teal'c and Ronon. Watch to find out what happens to Ronon when he makes the mistake of splashing Teal'c...

Teal'c and Ronon

Hope you're all well and coolish!

ajla - LOL! I should go run past his house every day screaming like a retard to try to get him to come out.

Melissa - Get crackin' on that paper, girl! Stop reading my blog and procrastinating! ;)

Mackenzie's Momma - It would be interesting to see what results you got in a library of all places. ;)

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