Friday, June 6, 2008

Obama Celebrations!

Obama supporters around the country (and many elsewhere in the world!) have been celebrating his presumptive nomination as the Democratic Party's candidate for Presidency. One of my awesome friends (who will be called "Padfoot" as is my nickname for her and yes, that does mean that she calls me "Moony" ;)) baked a cake the day after he got the nomination. Check it out!

Padfoot - you rock!

Wow, that is totally different from how we do semesters here! And it's awesome that you like Obama, even if he isn't a candidate in your country. I hope that when he becomes President the US can regain some of its lost respect!

karmakameleon - Thanks so much for your comments about race!

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Mo said...

No one ever said my school was sane, as of the 6th, our president uped and quit the university, only 2 years into his term. No one is running my school anymore!

And when Obama wins, as long as he knows Hockey Night in Canada, the I'm pretty sure we can all be friends again haha!