Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hair Cut!


"When I look at your hair, I see why Muslims have their women cover it up. It's so... alluring. If you ever cut it I swear, I will come back from my grave and haunt you." My Latin professor said that to me as I was sitting in her office, getting help with my Latin translations about two years ago. As far as I know, she's still alive and well so I don't have much to worry about.

But today was the big day! My appointment to get my hair cut... for the first time in my life! I've trimmed it often but have never actually cut it.

It was fun!

Choking the drain in the sink


Cousin It

I guess I was unsure

Though the lovely hairdresser, Heidi, left it a bit longer than I asked, just in case cutting it shorter would traumatize me. I'll probably go back and get a few more inches off soon, and more layers!

The end

Still very long!

Perhaps cutting my hair would've traumatized me more if so much else wasn't going on. northern California is a really scary place right now. 849 fires are burning (most from the lightning strikes) and 200 are unattended since they pose no immediate danger. To make matters worse, the fog is due to leave and another dry thunderstorm is on the way. Since these come in from the Pacific, they hit us first and there's no telling how big they'll be. I'm praying everything will be alright!

There was another fire yesterday along the main highway... and a man was seen at the site, taking pictures when it first started. He fit the description of the same man they suspect of starting the fire down south. Everyone's now on the lookout for this little prick.

The smoke was a haze all throughout the valley today. All of California must be shrouded in it. Up north a bit it was brown and so thick that it was difficult to see houses across the street. I hope this will end soon, but they're still calling this the "early fire season."

mackenzie's momma - That explanation makes a lot more sense. It's still insanely intense, though! Wow...

melissa - You are so lucky. If you've read the rest of this post you'll know the terrible consequences of too much warm, dry weather. :s


Mackenzies Momma said...

Looks nice layers are great. I recently took 5-6 inches off my hair went from below shoulder length to my ears.

I'd KILL to have hair like yours but mine just WILL NOT grow long no matter how much I beg it.

So with your post as inspiration when I was at the library today and ran into "Library guy"(he does have a real name, lol) I 'grew some guts' and gave him my number.

Mo said...

Hair cut!

It looks good! :D

I remember I was in grade 11, and had to dye my hair for a show, it ended up turning purple-tinted so I went and got my hair cut after it came out; cut 2 and a half FEET off. I have very natural red hair, which curls. My hair dresser cried.

I'm not a heat person, give me -40C anyday! I love the cold except the fact we've had a 9 month winter, so heat does have its perks up here in the north ;)