Monday, June 23, 2008

Shash and Alex Day... Sort Of

A strawberry crepe made by me because I'm cool

Sunday was Shash and Alex Day!

...And I think we should've done more advertising. The first half of the day was spent at the doctor, but luckily that visit mostly alleviated fear over a major health scare. Then we sat around forever with our new toys, waiting for our brothers to join us in the pool, while the new elephant sprinkler stared us down, horrifyingly. We nicknamed it the alien erection for obvious reasons.

Alex is getting sprayed and I was looking into the sun. We both look five again!

Though my dad did jump in and flew onto the whale, claiming he was Emeril Lagasse, and barrelled headfirst into the wall of the pool. That was pretty cool.

But we still had to clean up the kitchen and do all the rest of our chores. No one gave us any presents. But I made banana-chocolate crepes (and forced my big brother to eat one) and we ate Ben & Jerry's at the end of the day and topped it all off with a sleepover in which we came to some deep conclusions about life: Where did we come from? Aliens put us here, as if the earth were a giant petri dish, and they come back every once in a while to check on us and take notes. They try to dress up as bears to blend in but fail miserably. Sometimes we even catch glimpses of them. We call them Bigfoot sightings.

mackenzie's momma - How in the name of Newton did it set snow on fire? That's insane! And I'm not sure it was very brave. It was more joy over being able to finally do something with my nervous energy and defeat something that frightens me. It's made me seriously consider joining our volunteer firefighting force!

ladybozi - I'm getting kinda sick of the insanity! It's taking it's toll... but hey, if I could use it all for an autobiography then what the heck?


Mackenzies Momma said...

According to the power utility guy who explained it:

"Sometimes there are intense surges of energy that when they have no where to go, combine with the available fuel, and cause a spark. The spark finds any available fuel even when covered in normally non-flammable substances, thus creating fire"

In other words it didn't really set the SNOW itself on fire but whatever the snow was sitting on, more than likely grass. Or there was the patch where it hit sand and created glass. Which I think we still have sitting around here.

Mo said...

You made me want to go swimming! I have a trampoline but no pool...

But anyway, good about the health thing being okay!

You should send some global warming up here! We need it!! Its 14C!