Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wraith Cruisers and Hikes

Since yesterday was my birthday I characteristically ignored the few friends I may accidentally have and struck out on my own (actually, that's not true - I have no friends). I went for a hike and brought a camera with me, snapping a memory card full of pictures since in the shifting light I thought something was gorgeous every two seconds. Like this grove of eucalptyus that made me think I was in Australia:
And this path that just needed Mr. Frodo on it, shouting out, "Get off the road! Quick!"

But then, to my great astonishment, I discovered something terrifying. A downed Wraith ship, nestled in the poison oak. Knowing that I might have company on the trail, I kept my wits about me.

I even ignored the tell-tale signs of Wraith, including this dung pile and this footprint. In retrospect I admit it. I was reckless.

I even kept going once I'd entered the redwoods - a clear sign that I was in the Pacific Northwestern forest that the Wraith so love...

I should have turned back when I saw the log that Merry and Pippin hid behind in Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings as they called to Frodo, bidding him to hide with them. Given the fact that it has been commented that I resemble Elijah Wood, this was yet another grave mistake.

But at last I had reached my mountaintop destination!

And from this high vantage I could see the foggy coast - there before me lay the Pacific. This ocean was falsely named for it is not pacified at all, however when Captain Cook finally rounded the horrors of Cape Horn, he dubbed the mellower waters in which he found himself to be pacified.

Okay, I guess I should just admit right now that I never did meet up with the Wraith, but I know that he or she is still out there... roaming... just waiting for an unsuspecting hiker to feed upon...

After attempting to take a majestic picture on the summit (the best of which turned out to be a very Viggo Mortensen-esque shot of my mane and the sky) I headed down.

Through this natural archway... and home.

But the road goes ever on and on, and I must follow if I can.

Today is Bilbo, Frodo, and my dog Comanche's birthdays! Time to go celebrate. Namariƫ!


Melissa said...


Happy Belated Birthday! Birthdays are always fun!

Also, happy birthday to your puppy :D

Tracie said...

Just happened upon your blog and seriusly you need to write a book, you're that funny.......I bookmarked you and will be back