Thursday, September 13, 2007


I had a BFO yesterday. A BFO, for the unenlightened, is a Blinding Flash of the Obvious. Seriously - it changed my life. I realized that my dog Comanche is God.

How did I come about this divine revelation? On the long bus ride home I was craving Top Ramen noodles. I knew I didn't have any at home and thought maybe I could get some at the store. But alas, the section of town with the grocery store was randomly out of power. I tried to let go of my craving and, once home, I went out to the pantry to see what there was to eat. Comanche was happily lallygagging around me, and when I opened the pantry door, lo and behold! There were Top Ramen noodles. I knew it was an act of Providence.

I looked to Comanche, whom I call Chee Chee, and he panted knowingly. After shouting "Allah hu akbar," I mentally asked Cheech if he were God. His brown eyes dully fixed on me. I had my answer.

God Chee Chee is on the left. A wise man once said that if you look into Comanche's eyes you'll get pulled into another world, but if you look into the pink of his nose you'll be pulled into another dimension. The toot on the right his his "little sister," Teyla.

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Melissa said...

Thats happened to me with my puppy....But I was looking for something really important and I asked her where it was and she just looked at me, and I turned around and it was right there....Dogs are mysterious creatures