Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Flatulent Felon

Doesn't that sound like the title of a SpongeBob episode? It's the title of our entry for the Reno vs. Chapelle YouTube contest. So far we're the only entrants (if our video gets approved). Now to be fair, I've never seen an entire episode of Reno 911 or The Chapelle Show. In fact, the bits and pieces I have seen of Reno 911 I deemed as waste of my time. But a contest with an approaching deadline and no other entrants was too tempting to ignore. So one stuffed bra and several little boy jokes later and we had our entry.

Actually, the fart jokes are golden. I never tire of fart jokes. I guess it's time that I admit to being a huge potty mouth. Like, this one time I was sitting with the two kids I nanny and their friend while they were eating lunch. I excitedly announced that I had something new to show them (I'd recently learned how to make rather realistic fart sounds by just squeezing air out of my upper lip) and widely opened my mouth. The tots watched in rapt wonder as I took a deep breath then deflated when their mother appeared in the hallway behind me and said,"You better not be teaching them potty talk." The lil buggers then laughed at my slightly-constipated look. I, of course, showed them my newfound skill as soon as she was gone. It's a good thing she's a kick and only has a personal vendetta against the word "fart" because she finds it more profane than the passing of gas itself.

But anyway... here's the video! And it stars a special Canadian someone... Enjoy!

Melissa - Thank you kindly for the birthday wishes! And I'll pass them on to Comanche, as well. He enjoyed an extra doggy cookie (twistedly in the shape of a cat) and several loving petting sessions on his birthday. Though, as my brother lamented as Chee Chee barked away at the coyotes in the night, "Comanche's working on his birthday!" The poor guy doesn't know when to quit... but then again, I think barking is his favorite thing. While on a walk while we were camping he barked at a lounge chair.


Melissa said...

I can beat that, my puppy, Nikki, barks at Orange Wraith. At least thats what we decided, as she can be staring at dead air and start barking like a madwoman. So we decided that she sees Orange Wraith.

And you're welcome. Now I should really stop procrastinating, I have two reseach essays due in the comming weeks and no research....Ooopsss

Tesajb said...

Hey there weirdo. Word has it there is some pretty awesome wreckage on the outskirts of Muir Woods. I hear the Wraith throw some pretty wild parties there. That explains the charred redwood tree innards.