Monday, September 3, 2007

Winners and Losers


I'll start with winners because winners are the best because if you're a winner you win things. My third place prize for the green screen contest arrived last week - it was an autographed script. And the episode was written by Martin Gero who is so cool that he's one of my friends on MySpace. I'm so happy with my autographed script that I think I should return the favor and send the cast my autographed work, as well. Joe Mallozzi, if you ever read this, would you like my autograph? Would anyone else like my autograph?


Losers suck because they lose. Though I've never exactly been clear on what it is that they lose. I mean, yeah, they lost because they didn't win first or whatnot, but technically first was never theirs to begin with so they didn't actually lose anything. So there actually aren't really any losers. Except, of course, for Harry Potter.

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