Friday, September 7, 2007

Do You Hear the Leaves?

In keeping with the spirit of remembering Steve Iriwn, here is a poem I wrote a month or so after his death. It's free verse and bad enough that I don't mind sharing it on the web without fear of it being "stolen."

Do You Hear the Leaves?

(Inspired in part by the life of Steve Irwin)

To where does the eagle call? Where are all the trees?
Why does the water fall and when will the wilds be free?

I have wandered this path alone crying out for a cease
To the raging fire that brings mountains down and renders all concrete.

In the blackness of night will we recall when our hearts could truly see?
In the smoke of the fall will we give rise to spring?

For what is a world that lets heroes die?
And what is a time when crocodiles cry?

How much must we give to live and let live?
How much must we bleed to teach us to see?

The West was once wind, the East was the sea
North were the mountains, and South was the heat.

But now all are fenced so can I make amends with tamed manes and bridled water?

When all others are born happily blinded and fettered
Where do I stretch my wings? Where is the Call of the Wild still sung?

Brown eyes teach what the ages have sought
To impart upon arrogant souls: that love governs all,
And with the gift of our birth we have a debt to pay –
To guard where the eagle calls, to shelter the trees,
To unleash the water to fall and to keep what wilds remain free.

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