Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Competition is On!

Yesterday I received the first entry for our BoneRiceFilms video contest. You know what this means, don't you? You're going to lose. That's right - YOU. Because you haven't entered anything and Sempaiko and GodslilTippy worked together and made something of insane beauty. Glorious. Of course this doesn't really mean that whoever is reading this is going to lose, but it does, however, mean that the race is on! Finally! I extended the dates so that you all would have more time to enter and I'm so glad that there's interest in the contest! Because, to be honest, I was beginning to think that I dressed up as a floozy and strutted about for nothing.

The idea was to mock how I'm always playing a boy and have girl clothes be a "costume" for me like Hewlett dressed up as Ronon for his promo. A few days after I put the video up I was pulled over (I was driving my uncle's car from Hawaii and the cop just wanted to tell me that in California you need... a bumper... because he thought I was from the Islands and the car, well, had no bumper) and was half-convinced that I was about to be arrested for soliciting prostitution on YouTube. It somehow seemed logical as I was listening to the cop on the loudspeaker saying "Please, pull over..."

On a more serious note, today, September 4th, marks one year since Steve Irwin passed away. He was and is such an inspiration to me - I will write more about him soon when I have the time to do him justice, if such an audacious comment can be made on my part. Until then, may you be well!

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