Thursday, September 20, 2007


There was an MFA BBQ last evening and the weather turned from the Indian Summer into an October-like chill. It was fun to see all of my classmates outside of the classroom; however I couldn't help but look into the distance, feeling the call to arms of my ancestors wafting to me on the frigid northern breeze. I looked to my companions and asked, "Where are the bagpipes coming from?" They furrowed their brows then pointed to a nearby stereo that was playing some sort of soft rock. As if.

A few moments later I was standing beside a new classmate of mine (who took some cool pics and did even cooler things to them - I put up the ones of me because it feels weird to put up ones of other people. He managed to brilliantly catch me stuffing my face with cookies in the first two shots. So yes, full credit goes to Anthony Wai for the excellent photography!) and asked, "Do you know where the bagpipes are coming from?"

He blinked and shifted his feet, saying, "You hear them, too?! I thought I was just crazy..." I love my fellow grad students.

Enough was enough so I hunted them down. It was a modern lass in modern attire in a wholly modern setting (the dorms in the background were only completed earlier in the year, I believe) playing an ancient instrument - it was all so poetic! Here's a video clip of her. Sorry for my footage of the ground. Someday an archaeologist will love that footage of the ground of a university campus, so shut up. And if you turn your head sideways it's not crooked.

I took the pictures that aren't of me. Because I couldn't take a picture of me. That would border on a crime against humanity and I'd be sanctioned by the UN.

Melissa - You are so cool. You've commented - twice. I love you. And you dog. You know what? We should start a dog-worshipping religion. "Dog" is "God" backwards, you know. ;o)

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Melissa said...

Ooh! A new religion! I can totally do that! I'll be a Jewish Dog Worshiper!