Thursday, November 6, 2008

Welcome, Autumn!

Fall is certainly here! And since we had a drought this year and didn't have rain since April, it felt like a six month summer. Some might be envious, but any who read this blog in the summer knows the danger the perpetual sun brought. Fire. Fire. Fire. Let's hope the rainy season marks the end of scary wildfires for a long while! I don't mind them when they're burning forests -- as sad as I am to see the trees go, I know it's actually healthier for them to burn. But what I do mind is worrying about our home and animals being in danger.

Take a look at some of these pictures from a walk my mom, Toot and I took in a local national park.

Poison oak and berry bushes

Teyla's a good girl

Pretty meadow
Um... path

Yellowing leaves

Golden canopy

My mom's been working with Teyla a lot and this day, she would have made Cesar Milan proud as punch!

Leafy path

Yes, that's horse poop. Road apples!

The pond



I love how you can only see the trees in the reflection


Ethereal forest!

I have to admit, with the election over, it's great to no longer receive 10 e-mails a day from various Democratic organizations. Though I do like the e-mails from Barack Obama. I know they're mass generated but it still makes me feel special.

There's a neat Newsweek interview with First Lady Michelle Obama here, and, to provide stark contrast and much hilarity, check out the dirt on Sarah Palin. Her reps say these are all lies, but some of them are so outrageous that I'm inclined to believe that they're true. Like Palin being confused over the fact that Africa is a continent, not a country. It's shocking how many people make that mistake!

And mackenzie's momma -- I apologize for using your comment that turns out to have had nothing to do with same sex marriage as a "Joe the Plumber," but I was looking for an excuse to articulate some views on the subject.

Despite the vast majority of people being overjoyed by the results of the Presidential election, I know that some are disappointed, including friends of mine. These people always really stand out in contrast to the happiness everyone else is exuding. I've tried to be supportive and understand how they must feel as they gripe over how America is going to turn into a "socialist" country. I listen and nod but I actually don't care. They're wrong and I'm right. Barack Obama and Democrats are not socialists. Believe me, I should know. I have a socialist cat, remember?

Me and the Commie. Shut up. I already know my red & blue undies are made of awesome.

Today's song (btw, does anyone actually listen to these?) is "Boy in a Rock and Roll Band" by The Pierces. Why? Because I love them and am in a good mood and love this song. Pay no attention to the pictures in the video -- I'm not secretly a Jonas Brothers fan.

"Boy in a Rock and Roll Band"

mackenzie's momma -- I'm sorry, but I just have to laugh over the mix up! Oh, the power of a comma! I had a feeling that I was misinterpreting your comment (and this was also after 2 night classes on my end so I was probably just as fried as you!) out of context, but intended to share more thoughts about Prop 8 anyway, and used that as a springboard. And I think you're approach to your roleplay is wise... Imagine Padfoot and I with our 5 universes. And though it began as Harry Potter-ish, it is now so very far from it. And Stargate characters pop in and out all the time. In fact, Kristie (Reece Witherspoon) is now engaged to John Sheppard (um, you know who he is) so if Reece and Joe Flannigan randomly hook up, we'll know why!

theincrediblemo -- I definitely agree! And it may reassure you to know that there's a large movement already organizing to overturn Prop 8. I'm just so sick of this always being an issue. Government is dictating whom you can marry, just like inter-racial marriages were illegal in some states in the past. It's ludicrous! But apparently, very American, given the example I just cited. And I want to see your snow pictures! Death gliding sounds so fun, but be careful!


theincrediblemo said...

What's autumn?

We don't get that here....unless you're thinking August.

And snow:


I was also artistic and starting taking pictures of everything.

Mackenzies Momma said...

Hey, its okay I actually was really intrigued by your feelings on Prop 8(personally I would have voted NO).

I really need to learn to not just type and hit 'send'. Oh and to back up my favorites list- but that's another story(and learn from my mistake!)

I can really imagine Padfoot and yours' worlds would get as screwy as T and I's(shush I *know* thats not proper but its 1:15 in the AM). We have been mostly focusing on SGA lately, but originally a million years ago it was JAG, then NCIS, then SGA/Blood Ties(not together but at the same time lol).

Even with as ambivalent as I felt about the whole election in general, I am still quite excited and just don't understand how people can be *upset* by it. I called one of my 'friends' the evening of the election to see how they were doing and nearly got my head bit off with a 'so you just calling to brag?!' and then was promptly hung up on, I mean come on, I realize that your canidate may not of won but really does this mean we can all revert to toddlerism?

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