Monday, November 17, 2008

Werewolves and Loyalty!

I am so Hollywood. Look at my rich lady jewels.

First off, a huge thank you to all who sent me their well-wishes and congratulations -- thank you!

The award came in the mail today. Check it out!

My Rosebud Award

"Rosebud! Rosebud!" Yeah, I don't get why Citizen Kane is the "best movie ever," either.

Saturday night we went out to a local Chinese place to celebrate, which was excuse enough for me to bust out the top-I'd-bought-on-sale-but-never-wore-because-it's-a-pain-in-the-ass-to-wash.

Attempting to channel my heroine -- Andromache, Queen of Troy (actually, I was pretending to be Lucius Malfoy)

The nights are certainly getting colder. I have to go out to run at 4pm now, otherwise darkness falls and I freeze. As it is, I'm still usually numb and sniffly at this earlier hour! And last Thursday I learned a lesson. A very valuable lesson.

Never read the entire Wikipedia entry for "Werewolf" at 2 am.

Normally that sort of thing doesn't scare me. Normally normal stuff scares me. Like the guitar that sat in the hall closet for years. I would get scared while in the shower, knowing that it was resting against the opposite side of the wall. That guitar curiously looks like Zalenka...

Anyway, I read the entire entry and was really creeped out by the explanation that Werewolves were Medieval people's rationale for explaining serial killers, and by the historical accounts -- the Beast of GĂ©vauda. Scary!

Unnerved, I tried piled my bed with stuffed animals and tried to sleep... only it was a full moon and the bright moonlight was cascading in through my window and making the world outside vibrant. I tossed and turned and got hot with all those stuffies, so I cracked open my window then climbed back into bed. Every once in a while the wind would gust, howling past my window. Coyotes would yap and howl, as they do every night.

Full moon. Howling. Trees tossing about in the wind. I was relieved when morning came! Oh, the curses of an untamed imagination...


The days getting shorter has been just one of the many obstacles in the way of completing our new SGA fan film, but given that Alex had Veteran's Day off last week, we were finally able to finish!

If this picture doesn't terrify you, there's something seriously wrong with you.

I hope you enjoy!

Stargate Atlantis: Loyalty

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Mackenzie's momma -- Bless your heart, thanks! :) And best of luck on your final projects! And hey, even if those classes you're taking don't count towards a degree, you'll still learn from them so they'll count for life! And I'm so excited for you coming down my way for your trip. I hope you have a blast! :D

theincrediblemo -- Thank you, sweetie! I'm definitely trying to work on being more confident in my own accomplishments and hopes for the future, so thank you for that extra boost! :) And I'm looking forward to the pictures, whenever you get the chance!

Tracie -- You're still here! LOL Now I wonder who all those other readers are! People keep telling me that the first Twilight book gets really good, but then the series goes downhill. I'll check out the movie, but from what I've read of the books... I can't get into a story if I have to edit the writing in my head as I read. It's the curse of being an MFA student! So when I read something published, I like to not cringe. That sounds horribly elitist of me, but so be it!


Mackenzies Momma said...

Wow that top looks great! I have a dress like that I bought it but it hangs around not getting worn because its a pain in the butt to wash. (Oh and then there's the fact its a *dress* too). But this weekend it will once again get its moments in the spotlight.

Beautiful award! I have some plaques around here I should bust out and get up on the wall. Oh and I should find my other awesome belt buckle as well(I have 2 amazing Rodeo style belt buckles).

I just wish there was a way that I could share the awesomeness that is my final project for PowerPoint with the world.

I'm so excited to be coming down your way this weekend. Its just too bad I'm not driving or something, lol. I have a bunch of people who are all 'Oh you'll be in Cali, come see me' and they are all the way up in Sacramento.

Oh and word of advise? If you think the werewolf entry on wikipedia is bad? then don't watch "Cube" and go to bed. No good comes of that- I tried it last night and still cannot sleep tonight. But on the bright side it at least has banished my nightmares about Sheppard's hair(don't ask).

theincrediblemo said...

ooh! SEXY!

And WONDERFUL Award! My awards are never pretty, they're just plaques!

I'm really working on pictures....I SWEAR............

I still have 4 more term papers due from tomorrow (Wednesday) to next Tuesday. No rest for the wicked. So maybee during exam period when I'm walking around in pjs and slippers-in class pretending to care anymore!

Tracie said...

Hi! And Congrats! Yep I'm still here and currently laughing at the theincrediblemo....I guess you could tell them your pretending it's an Online class....