Saturday, November 1, 2008


Uh... I got the vest at the Goodwill? I can't seem to think of a better caption.

I hope you all had a fun, safe Halloween!

Not only did Halloween bring us many fond memories, but also our first rain storm! It's been pouring and the power's been off and on all day. The poor goats are being flooded by their leaky roof! But our parched countryside and reservoirs sure need the water. I think Joe Mallozzi brought it with him from Vancouver since he was recently traversing the airways above us!

We managed to squeeze in some filming for our next Stargate Atlantis fan film, then began a pumpkin massacre! Poor Alex is really sick and had already lost her voice.

The top comes off!

Thick pumpkin!

It looked like a spine and ribcage... or Wraith cocoon!

We saved all the seeds and baked them the next day

The innards without the seeds. Looks like the workings of a Wraith ship, doesn't it?

Someone watched us carve

My Jack o' Lantern!

Alex's Jack o' Lantern

...My original plan for what my carved pumpkin should look like. I have no idea.

Our pumpkins!

Just a random clip. What you hear playing in the background was a radio broadcast of the 1938 Orson Welle's broadcast of War of the Worlds. Have you all heard the story? Because he fashioned the news reports so convincingly and the only time it was stated that the broadcast was a radio play was in the beginning and forty minutes in, casual listeners actually believed that Martians had invaded and took necessary precautions.

This Dead Man meatloaf was for dinner

Ready to head out. As you can see, I was escorting a deranged evil fairy with a frightening resemblance to Weir.

We passed an alien space ship! Check out the little green men to the left.

Can you see me? Cuz I can see you.

"Hit me!"

As you can probably tell from the above pictures, it suddenly started pouring! Luckily we bumped into our nine-year-old neighbor and her friends and they let us share their umbrellas. I had to explain what an old geezer like me was doing trick-or-treating. Really I was supposed to just be walking with my sister, but my dad demanded I take a pumpkin and get candy so that he could have some. Hey, whoever said there was an age when you had to stop accepting free candy? And in the rain -- we worked for it!

A house with orange lights.

Glowing skulls!

Caught unawares.

Um... the original plan was to color and mess up this wig, but as you can see, it wouldn't've really worked. The green was already fading and I'd just sprayed it that afternoon!

A little resemblance


My faithful pumkin

Um... I was just "escorting" my sister... really...

I miss cheap candy like this. It was always a highlight of the holiday. Waxy chocolate!

Someone was trying to kill McKay...

This jerk lady took one look at us and said. "Oooo, you're big kids. You get a TROLL." Then shouted at us that we didn't say thank you (I guess she couldn't hear us. I'm a quiet talker and Alex lost her voice) and we heard her later screeching demands for "thank yous" from other trick-or-treaters.

What I decided to try to eat all in one sitting. I realized it had been ages since I've had candy.

All I managed to get through.

Jarred's pumpkin

My pumpkin... it's actor David Thewlis. Don't ask.

Alex's pumpkin.

And instead of a favorite song today, here's an awesome clip of favorite author (and all around awesome guy) Sherman Alexie matching Stephen Colbert blow for blow, then rendering the witty host speechless. Enjoy!
From the Colbert Report:


theincrediblemo -- Well, now it's storming and very wet so you don't have to be jealous anymore. ;) How's it up there? And yes... the grading. I felt evil giving out such low grades so I spoke to my professor and he said, "It's a lack of vocabulary. They just aren't equipped with an appropriate vocabulary because they don't read." Yikes!

mackenzie's momma -- LOL! I love that she calls A Dog's Breakfast "The Duck Show." And to think that McKay's also a duck in our movies. ;) And yes, Princess Bride! I can get obsessive like that, too. As in I have both the theatrical releases and the extended editions of all three Lord of the Rings films, and know that once they're out on BluRay, I'll get those, too, even if I don't have an HD player!


Mackenzies Momma said...

Great pumpkins! After last years mishap where my pumpkin ended up being the butt of all the jokes I refused to partake in Pumpkin Massacre '08.

I also wasn't feeling great so I dropped the toddler off with my sister and let her schlep her around to get my free candy. I mean it was even *NICE*(no rain which is a rarity here) and I still skipped it. I'd been planning on schlepping her to the firestation for their haunted house/trick-or-treat fest but then at the last minute they canceled it I was sooo sad.

Love Alex's costume, and yours as well. Both much more awesome than some of mine. Cow? Pumpkin? Princess? Or my personal favorite- The Devil's plaything(as a tongue in cheek costume while I was pregnant, lol).

I haven't shown the toddler any online videos, yet, though I may resort to it once I run out of duck content(she is going through a duck phase).

Oh, I finished that book(The Girls Who Went Away) and it was a real emotional roller coaster- if you can find a copy you should read it.

I was going to say something else but can't remember what as it is 2 in the morning, and I should be sleeping, lol.

theincrediblemo said...


At least you got to go Trick or Treating...I had to work. You would have to tie for the best looking Joker. Alex looked amazing! Though I think I have to give credit to a guy up here, he was the Kokanee Sasquatch. I myself was Britney Spears from Baby One More Time. Or you know, the slutty school girl (I was closing a beer was required!) Either way, there was tequila involved my Halloween!

Weather up here: Well, we've had two snow falls, we're above zero at the moment, but its doing pretty okay. A little warm for this time of year, which means as soon as it hits, its going to be killer.

I do love your jack-o-lanterns! I didn't get a picture of mine, I have a feeling it was destroyed by stupid teenagers. They anger me.

I believe that the reason why there are such things as Graduate students and upper level undergraduates is to help those stupid first through third years. They really just get stupider. I recently did a massive proof read on two papers, with a work cited but neither had put any quotes or references to the texts.....I screamed to the point I was like "PLAGIARISM!" and then slaughtered them to the point that there was more red on the paper than black. That alone is making me weary about getting my MA in English.-My professor of Victorian Lit told me I should apply...