Monday, November 3, 2008

Pre-Election Jitters

Alex was so disheartened that her jack o' lantern was the first this year to join the long line of moldy pumpkins.

I am going to put up some pictures of a replica of Christopher Columbus' ship Niña soon, but first I just want to say a little something about tomorrow: Tuesday, November 4th, 2008.


Now that that's out of the way, I can go back to mildly panicking about the possibility of Obama not winning. And worrying about alien invasions. You see, tonight we just so happened to watch the Stargate Atlantis episode "Prodigal," which is pretty boring, except for one thing: Niam. We call Niam, "Nial," why? Because we're retarded. And we LOVE him because he has a voice that reminds us of a story told to us by my soul sister who lives in England about her Maths teacher named Mrs. Preston who loved green and always wore seahorses on her clothing because she loved them, as well. Did you follow any of that? Yeah, this is what I meant about how we make up characters about people. Niam turned into Mrs. Preston within seconds of him being on the screen, so of course the great joy is to talk over him in Mrs. Preston's voice, stating how he's going to take over Atlantis to build a home for his seahorse, Greenie.

Oh yeah, I brought up the alien invasion. As we were watching and narating this episode tonight, we screamed because in the black sky outside was a glowing green streak, like a shooting star. Just as the big clump began to fade, a smaller piece broke off and shot away before both disappeared. It was similar to the time we saw the military blow up a missle (in the sky above our house... the patch of sky glowed electric blue even after dusk and planes circled it. I was convinced we'd just warded off a Goa'uld attack) and was pondering the possibility of it once again being thus, however Alex, true to form, immediately began screaming in a panic. "Aliens are attacking! We're all gonna blow up!"

Well, they haven't landed yet, so I'm stuck with the mundane worries of the week. Will I embarrass myself tomorrow in front of my elderly classmates at my ukulele lesson at the local senior center? Will it stop raining long enough so that I can run? Will I finaly make a decision about going to the CSU Media Arts Festival in the Channel Islands?

Yes, that's right! My script Andromache has made it to the finalists in the competition. At first I didn't think that was such a big deal but was proud nevertheless. Then my professor told me that there are only five finalists out of all the hundreds of submissions from every California State University. Whether it wins or not, I'm very happy that the story made it thus far and hope that this is another step towards sharing the tale with a wider audience.

As a finalist, I was asked to attend the event at the CSU Channel Islands, near LA. There will be two days of conferences on various aspects of filmmaking, a showing of the finalists in the film categories, and of course, the awards ceremony. While it really does sound fun, the 6-8 hour drive there and back doesn't, and I'm in the middle of the semester which = heavy workload. It's a great opportunity that many are pushing me to take, but I'm in a battle with myself over what to do -- something that is potentially both boring as hell and rewarding, or stay at home and do things like film more of our new Atlantis fan film. I have to respond ASAP, so what do you guys think I should do?

Oh, and by the way. There's one more thing I should mention. I probably should've brought this up sooner, but... well... watch the video and see for yourself. And, um, let's hope that I don't go batshitcrazy tomorrow and allow this to happen.

Mackenzie's Momma -- I love what you did for your costume when you were pregnant! Too funny! And thanks for the book recommendation. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled for it. I'm sorry that your Halloween was a bit of a bust! That's so poopy. :(

theincrediblemo -- Britney! Haha! Oh, I'll bet you made a lot of people laugh with that. And Jaysus, it sounds freezing where you are! I'm not grateful that this storm that's passing through is a tropical storm, which means it's about 50F! Which, yes, is still chilly to me. And ugh... I feel your pain over grading papers... my comment is always, "articulate." An MA could be great fun! I'm getting my MFA and we share the program with MAs, so a lot of my friends are English MAs. :)


Mackenzies Momma said...

Um, dear, have you discovered a Time Machine and not shared it? Because unless I missed something "Prodigal"(the SGA ep) Doesn't air until Friday the 7th(as in 3 days from now).

So you didn't happen to notice while you were in the future watching SGA who won the presidential race did you? Or this weekends football games? ;) ;)

Maybe you were watching "Progeny"? Thats Niam's first episode. *shrugs*

Well the halloween costume i mentioned was my 'top secret' one, since I spent that halloween handing out candy for my grandmother. For that I was a pumpkin(can't scare the little kids *sighs*.

I had something I wanted to share and now I can't remember for the life of me what it was.

Oh and if it were me? I would totally go. Then again I'm taking off 2 weeks from Friday flying to Burbank and going to Creation Con.

theincrediblemo said...

Its not that cold! Only -3C today...which in F is only 28 or so. Its nothing. We usually get down to -40C, and then its so cold you're not cold!

Britney was more of a tipping costume... (see and I look horrible...It was a long day and only around 8pm at night!) The saddest thing is that I pulled that all out of my closet!

I am thankful however that I don't grade papers to much! An MA is a different route than I was going to take, I want to get my Bach of Education so I can be a teacher! (Besides I gave up the opportunity to get my MFA in Theatrical and Technical Design...where there are internships for Stargate available....why I turned it down? NO IDEA!)

I would vote today, but alas can not. I am hoping your country does the right thing and vote for Obama! He'll change the world...

On Atlantis forefront I TOTALLY caught up! Even though I should have left it for the day after Halloween (I had a rather fun time with tequila and fell out of a truck pre-tequila)so to say the least Saturday was spent in bed with Tequila belly.

(Oh and Erin My sister decided that she wants to make my stuffed Monkey, who wears a sombero have created a monster in my sister!)