Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Layers and Shopping

I'm supposed to be finishing a new script right now, but instead I'm taking a brief moment to post. Why? I got my hair cut! Like, really, this time you can tell. Actually, I got it cut a week ago but I'm lazy and only just now took some decent pictures of it. Or tried to. As you can see, I never have much of an idea of what I'm doing when I'm trying to photograph myself.

Uh... yeah

I either turn out like a hag or a... well, I'll let you decide.

A cross-eyed fish

I tried the classic MySpace technique of photographing my reflection. I won't tell you how long it took for me to try to figure out how to get myself in the shot with everything being reversed in the mirror...

Anyway, the shortest layer is at my boob -- half the length of what it used to be! It's then layered down the back.

Picture from when I first got home after getting it cut. Yes, it's still pretty long in the back, but I swear it feels lighter now!

I haven't had my hair boob length since I was a toddler! The floor of the hair salon looked like a small, brown-red woolly mammoth had been shaved.

I wasn't going to get my hair cut since times are tough and haircuts are expensive, but I did it in part of my celebration for winning that award.

Alex and I started out Christmas shopping this weekend, since Mervyn's is going bankrupt. :( There were some great sales. We then went to Pacific Sunware to see if some dresses we liked a month or so ago were still around. We called them "Teyla Dresses" because, for some reason, the first thing that came to mind when we saw them was "Rachel Luttrell would look so cute in this!" Celebrities usually never come to mind while shopping, but hey Rachel, you're welcome to come with us any time!

We decided to be "cool" and take a picture in the dressing room. Check out the dresses we got on sale for $9.99 each!

We were gonna just buy the dress I'm wearing and share it, to be economical, then realized that all the fighting that would ensue over who got to wear it when wasn't worth the $10 we'd save.

And here's a clip just because it reminds me of a fun day with my sister:

And for music today I offer a piece that I would often listen to while working on my script, Andromache. It would be great in the film.

Lisa Gerrard -- Sanvean

Mackenzie's Momma -- So how was the con? Did your dress have fun? I've never been to a con before and am eager to know how it went!

theincrediblemo -- Thanks! Isn't it gorgeous? Every other award I have is paper (or money, which means it's now gone!) and this is definitely the best! But don't tell that to my soccer and little league trophies... Almost at the finals finish line?

Tracie -- Thanks, love! :)


Mackenzies Momma said...

The con? What con? *scratches head and tries to feign innocence* I have NO clue what you are talking about.

Actually it went really well unless you count telling David Hewlett that I hadn't watched something because it had no Kavan Smith.

I'll be getting a full report up soon and will link you to it if you want.

Hair looks good!

theincrediblemo said...

oooh haircut!

I'm in the process of deciding if I wanna chop all my hair off.

Almost at the finish line! I finish my exams on December 9th at 8pm. I write one on the 3rd, one of the 5th, one on the 6th, one on the 8th and one on the 9th. THEN I AM DONEE

I still must DO my christmas shopping, I have little brother (he got a tie and a shirt) and my sister (who got a kimono). And a few of my friends.

I only WISH dresses were like 10$. The cheapest dress I own, which is the dress I'm wearing to my friends wedding is $30.... Plus I would freeze in it in this weather. You gotta wear at least a t-shirt; preferably a long or 3/4 sleeve. Its cold dontcha know!