Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Horseback Ride

Where I belong

A little while ago I promised to take you on a horseback ride. Well, now's the time!

We set out on Mickey (my mount) and Sparrow (Alex's).

Chee Chee loves bounding along with us.

We ride in a local quarry, which is great because we have a place to ride in an increasingly fenced-in world, but tough because of the destruction. Like this poor ponderosa pine.

And this hillside, complete with an uprooted oak.

(Yes, that is Sparrow's rabid mouth)

About a month ago, as I was riding by myself (though with Mickey and Comanche, of course) I found my heart akin to Tolkien's, and as I rode past the oak I whispered:

What beasts brought such destruction?
Men of ill-design

Dragon-keepers who sunder root and bough

The dragon was the crane still operating when I covertly rode past.

Then on to place of rest with a beautiful view!

Can you spot Chee Chee?

We as we trotted to our destination (where we could hear the pipes from the local highland games drifting on the wind from the valley below -- listen for it!) Mickey got a little excited and took cuts!

...Are those... clouds? Yes! We got our first rain!

Mickey's wind blown mane

Mickey and Sparrow rest. This was a rare peaceful shot. Usually she's biting him.

Comanche takes a break

Sparrow's wind blown mane

Mickey eats... a rock?

Notice how that rock is pitted? It used to be at the bottom of the ocean with creatures living on it. Where I live is littered with ancient shark teeth and sand dollar fossils. It was the ocean floor and coast in the Cretaceous!

You can see the little white tents on the green... that's the highland games!

Cousin It likes the wind

I like the wind in my hair, too.

Mae carnen, mellon-nin! (Yes, I do know some Elvish)

Beautiful Sparrow

Waiting for us to get bored and head home

No wonder Chee was bored. Don't ask.

Turning around

Cheech wants to be first

A cool shot... me, Mickey's butt, Alex and Sparrow's feet

Brave Chee charges the sleeping dragon!

Pretty pond waters

The reference to "Man Dust"? Um... maybe I'll explain someday. It's kind of creepy.

Comanche swims

Yep. Our horses have looooong legs.

Alex noticed this... a Wraith hive about to attack!

The moon sliver looks alien.

Sparrow the merry-go-round horse

Watch the spit fly off her mouth

I've decided to post a favorite song of mine with every blog entry (when possible) to share some great music. Here's an awesome song from an album that I've been obsessed with for the past month: Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge by The Pierces, two amazing sisters. They want their music to sound like "a fever induced, gypsy dream that you have after drinking too much red wine while listening to a cabaret singer in a southern speakeasy that is run by witches." I think they nailed it.

I should also mention that this is the best music video I've ever seen and yes, you have to watch it all the way to the end. Perfect for Halloween, too. ;) These girls share my love of the American Gothic aesthetic. I love them.

Damn. How's that for a twist on femme fatal?

And this scares me. There's a lot more wrong with this proposal than the article lists. Anyone remember this video I made? This program hasn't even been instituted yet and people have already been arrested on trumped up pornography charges for viewing files that they didn't know were illegal. That's right -- you click on a picture that says "cute rabbit" or something and it turns out to be pornographic with someone underaged in it, you just committed a felony. It doesn't matter that you had no way of knowing what it was until you clicked on it. My loved one's lawyer told him there were thousands of households in America that have this crap on their computers and could get arrested for the same thing, but the justice system decided to try to make an example out of my loved one.

And by the way, I got one of the facts wrong in the video: It wasn't a picture that my friend clicked on, it was a video clip, so instead of counting it as one pice of evidence, they counted every single frame of the video as a piece of evidence. And that makes sense... how? Mo -- these people need to take a TV class!

Do we need to crack down on child porn? No duh. Do we need to police everything everyone sends to each other over the net with programs (that f*&^ck up all the time)? Not if we want to still be America.

Mo - McKay and Keller, hmm? You must be happy with last wee's episode, then, as was I. But I won't say more since that was "The Lost Tribe" and you're a bit behind, correct? And if you read the little story I posted, "We Are the Heavens," you'll know that while I'm a shipper, I go for "mild" romance. ;) And "Spanky"... the only explanation I've heard was that since people called John/Weir "Sparky" (because they had sparks/chemistry) someone jokingly suggested they call Teyla/Ronon "Spanky" to go along... and for some reason people agreed! LOL I've heard other names like "Tex" and "Teynon" but yeah... they're all totally bizarre! And I would probably be like you and stay out of the online fandom except that we are now sucked in with our fan films and all, and hey, it's where we get material for such videos as "Shipper Wars." ;) Are you in the midst of mid-terms?

Mackenzie's Momma - Ooo those books do sound interesting, especially the last one. Do you usually read non-fiction? Let me know how they were if you get the chance to read them! Yes, being a non-closet Spanky shipper is great, though since I posted my first Spanky story back in 2006, I don't know that I really do count as having been "in the closet." ;) And if you do get to check out any of my fanfics, I hope you enjoy them! And this is completely random, but I just read a stat that people whose mothers had them young (under 25 - any future children of mine are already screwed) are twice as likely to live to age 100 (theoretically being from better eggs) so go Mackenzie! :)


Mackenzies Momma said...

Oh man this reminds me how much I miss riding. If only I had a way to go, that didn't cost an arm and a leg. *sighs* I used to go at least 3-4x's a week with my friend in high school, then I graduated and we lost touch.

As for reading, I try to balance my fiction and non-fiction readings out equally. Though lately I have noticed an uptick in my non-fiction reading.

The 4th book(about the women) is really really intriguing and it says a lot about the socioeconomic situation during a very interesting time in our history. I find it really interesting that some of the most popular TV shows of the time(Rifleman, and Bonanza for example) were so atypical of the actual cultural situation of parenthood- while there were very few single fathers, thanks to the war, there was a large increase in single motherhood. Yet strangely enough, it was still considered *taboo* to be a single mother.

The stories of the women are very touching and its really been an emotional roller coaster for me. I was in a position in which I made the same choice(to have or not have a baby) and I cannot even imagine how hard it must be to have your family make a choice for you, ship you off, and then tell you that you'll 'forget and move on' with your life. Its just completely insane, but I guess that is what the socioeconomic climate of the time dictated happen.

And now that I've gone off on a really long disertation, I will say that I hadn't heard that statistic, but it is intriguing. It would indicate however that I am screwed in the respect that I was not born in the 'golden window'. ;) ;)

Mo said...

Hmm, I might have to go and read when I finish semester, only about 6 weeks until semester is over! Eeeek!

I am still behind! I have the episodes on my computer, but when you have to watch other TV for homework, it goes on the back burner. I did watch The Queen yesterday however (seeing as I had a class canceled and a 5 hour break and one can only stare at term papers so long). I think I like McKay and Keller because I love McKay, like ever since 48 Hours in SG1, it was nice to have a character who wasn't stereotypical or of the same mold. I could in fact, go into greater detail forever!
I am however, out of midterm season! I have one more this Monday, but that's really not a midterm as its for TV studies and I don't even get an hour to write it, so its like a quiz. I am in the process of the Term Paper season though, with one on the doppelganger of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, one on the Language used in the media concerning the Human Stem Cell Research, one on the Sexual elements of Vampirism, and then one for TV, which I haven't figured out yet, and will probably be written the night before its due. I think as of November 20th, that I'm in final mode. The curses of only having semester last 12 weeks, minus those long weekends for holidays!

How to ride a horse again! I haven't ridden in a while! It makes me miss it. But living in the city, alas doesn't work to well. That and keeping horses are expensive, and I'm poor, you know spending the $5000 a semester to go to school!

Anonymous said...

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