Monday, October 20, 2008

Funny Dreams

Oh, I crack myself up.

Speaking of making myself laugh, check out our new short video where Gary and Olson discuss the meaning of life:
The Dinner

Where did this come from? What's the point? Why'd we make it? I wish I knew. It's just one of those mysterious "art" things, and makes me laugh, so there you go -- the reason for its existence!

The other night I had a pretty funny dream with a poignant moment in it. In the dream I was The Joker and had been arrested for a crime that I, swear to the gods, did not commit. The commissioner kept demanding that I admit my guilt, and I kept denying it. In the end he held up a frame from a security camera's footage that showed me at the scene of the crime, smiling, as if I'd just gotten away with something.

"But.... I always look like that!"

They didn't believe me.

Later in the dream I was myself (or so I assume) and on a crowded beach, heading for a building on stilts. I noticed Heath Ledger in the crowd of beach goers, pretending to be a homeless man, kind of like Robin Hood in the Disney cartoon. I watched him for a moment then smiled when he looked at me. I inclined my head and winked, letting him know that I knew his secret -- that he wasn't really gone, that he was pretending, that he was acting, having fun. He smiled back then continued his charade and I continued on my way. It was comforting!

And speaking of funny dreams, here's a hilarious one I had a year or two ago starring two of our favorite characters from Stargate Atlantis: Teyla and Ronon.

Teyla had come to visit. I was ecstatic! I couldn't wait to hang out with her, talk, show her around... but we couldn't get one-on-one time. Why? Ronon, the big lug, kept following us everywhere. At one point he even took my spot on the couch! When I asked him to move he just ignored me with this smug smile on his face so I tried to shove him off. Of course, that didn't work, so I tried to shove him off with my feet, but the fatty wouldn't budge. I was so enraged because he was physically so much bigger than me that there was nothing I could do.

I think this comes from having an annoying older brother who has always been stronger than me, and playing a game with my grandpa where, as a toddler, I tried over and over to shove him off the couch... or maybe it's because Ronon sometimes looks like a smug fatass. Don't tell Jason Momoa I said that. Having my insane Scotsman older brother chase me was bad enough, much less a tall dreadlocked actor. Yeah, and we all know how actors are. Shit, wait, I'm one, too. Never mind.

Back to the dream -- I decided to take Teyla berry-picking with me, but once again, Ronon followed us. I finally asked Teyla if she could ask him to leave us alone, and when he protested she scolded him and put him in time out. We laughed as he sat there on an overturned bucket, peering over his shoulder at us every once in a while, wishing he could come out of time out. But nope.

When we started picking berries I had Teyla try one, hoping that she'd get really excited to help me make a pie out of them. She took one bite and scrunched up her face, shaking her head in empathy.

"...You don't like them?"

"No... sorry..."

"Oh." I tried to hide how crushed I was. Why I was so crushed that she didn't like California blackberries, I have no clue. The berries must symbolize something. Like my libido. "They taste different in a pie, sweeter or... sourer..." I added. She still looked mildly disgusted.

Well, that's all that I remember of that dream. I know I've had more SGA dreams but can't recall any at the moment... have you guys ever had any?

Oh, and look! I have two "Followers"! Minions who disguise themselves as beautiful women!

And holy butt monkeys! Last night I had a moment of seizing horror where I stared at the computer screen in shock as I realized that I am probably no longer in my "early twenties." Shit. I have to do something with my life! One of my good friends from high school is already becoming a daddy. People I went to school with are married.

Whoa, hold up there. Yes, these are thoughts I have but don't worry -- I'm not going to measure my success by my ability to reproduce. Or by marriage. Or by... um... Hey. Did I mention I'm going to be on the radio soon? Yeah, I am. I'm gonna read a story I wrote!

Okay, continuing the sharing music theme, here's another song! I should mention that two of my favorite songs have already been posted before on this blog -- "Full Circle" and "Listen to the Wind."

Now it's time for some Country. I love the Dixie Chicks. Here's one of my favs by those spirited gals:

"Long Time Gone"

Mackenzie's Momma -- Wow, that book does sound really good. The stories you've shared remind me of the horrid Magdalene Laundries in Ireland. Have you ever read about those? *gets shivers* And I hope you get to ride again soon! You must really miss it. :(

Mo -- First off, I'm still laughing over the comment you left on "The Dinner." Brilliant. ;) I like your thoughts on McKay/Keller! I keep wanting to say more but have to wait till you're caught up. ;) But it sounds like you have lots of schoolwork to keep you busy! Yikes! And you're right, horses are way expensive. I'm poor, too, but I live with mommy and daddy (at least I don't have roleplay sessions in the basement... yet) and given the crazy economy, I'm glad I've stayed home thus far!


Mackenzies Momma said...

Oh man, I've had some weird dreams like that. I've especially had some weird Stargate related dreams lately. I'd like to think that its just because I'm spending too much time with my demanding muse as of late but I'm pretty sure its more related to my freaked outedness(and yes, its a word ;) :P ) about my upcoming con.

That is sooo cool that you get to be on the radio. Only thing I've ever been on the radio for was contests, and some dorky song requests. I *always* sound like an idiot on the radio.

I haven't read about the Magdalene Laundries but I will add it to my 'to read' list.

I so terribly miss riding but as I'm sure you can imagine I just don't have the free time(heck I'm lucky I get to go on 'vacation' next month).

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go finish rewatching "The Princess Bride" again.

theincrediblemo said...

I once had a dream where everyone was walking around in Duck costumes.

Yes. Duck costumes.

That was amusing.

! Radio!? I've been on the radio! Its fun, and not as intimidating as TV-which being in acting since I was 7, I've been in front of people for as long as I can remember!

The meaning of life is to die and become a taco, and once you get eaten become another type, to give some spice to your afterlife.

I do have a rather large work load this semester, but one of my papers I am in absolute love with my topic and my professor just gave me permission to go past the page limit. Which is exciting.

I just watched Tracker over the weekend, as I deserved an hour off for making a huge dent in one of my papers, and finishing my presentation for my Vampire class.

I live at home as well, so I dont pay rent, but I do have to pay my monthly phone bill, and most of the medication that my doctors put me on for reasons I still dont know why. I also work, but only make 9$, so it doesn't pay for much, neither do student loans, which dont like me because my Dad makes to much money.
I do live in the north as well, so buying a lot of warm clothing and books takes up a lot of money that I make anyway! My sorels are like $500.

My sister decided she wants to persuade me to make fanvids like yours....I have yet to decide if I'll let her, because she'll make me do all the work!