Monday, October 6, 2008

Ahh, to be young and fancy free. Out and about on Friday nights, experiencing the many splendors of the nightlife... who am I kidding. The only reason I went out last Friday was because Stargate Atlantis wasn't on.

While my sister and I sampled the insanity that downtown had to offer, I tried to catch a glimpse for you. Enjoy the sights and sounds of street musicians!

While perusing book and clothing stores, we happened upon a group of pirates who were currently docked at the harbor. They had traveled inland to play their gypsy pirate tunes for a bit of spare change to buy some rum.

And you're just not in California without a mariachi band.

And last but not least, a bit of jazz/blues in an art studio. Sorry -- it's a little tough to hear given the ambient sound.

By contrast, what did it sound like at home tonight? Crickets... and for the keen-eared, that's the second Presidential Debate in the background, along with Comanche barking.

Mackenzie's Momma - I'm more than happy to articulate my Palin/political bitchings for you. ;) And I'd love it if you could sit down with Palin for five minutes and give her a piece of your mind! And by the gods, woman -- you're living three lives at once! You're nothing short of amazing and never let anyone tell you different! And your rat story has had me laughing all day! I should try to remember to write about the story of the mysterious horse sometime... you'd appreciate it. ;)

Mo - Yeah, I support Obama/Biden, too, but feel it's important to keep up with what each camp has to say and... well, as I'm sure you noticed, the McCain camp was saying stuff that I just couldn't keep quiet about any longer! Okay, so what's the deal here? Are you and Mackenzie's Momma competing for the "who's the most amazing" award? I know that living with a lung condition isn't a "choice," but damn girl. You have my utmost respect! I especially loved this advice you shared: "[...] take things as handed to you, because even though it makes you anxious, it makes you stronger individual." Lovely and true. :) And your classes sound fun but I can feel the stress just reading about them! I have to ask... in your Vampire class... are they subjecting you to Twilight? If so, you have my greatest sympathy...


Tracie said...

Did you check out Sanctuary? Its REALLY REALLY good. You don't even think about Amanda Tapping as Sam when she has dark hair and speaks with a british accent.....

They keep re-running it you should check it out. I'm glad you're feeling better but sorry you had to go through that.

Mackenzies Momma said...

Oh man, your town looks so much more exciting than my small farming community(we are as of 2007 at 5,700 people inside the city limits, mostly because they expanded into some unincorporated areas that were some medium density homes). I swear that each night they actually go along and roll the sidewalks up, and on Fridays lock them away for the weekend, lol.

I had to laugh because we are having our (joke) of a gubinatorial race right now, and our "GOP"(don't get me started on THAT issue surrounding our canidate) is actually running on the 'democratic' side- he's actually using the whole "we can't afford 4 more years" thing and its rather odd. So back to point- last night they aired a breakdown of the local races and whatnot, and had a 90 second wrap up from both canidates and in his he was all 'there is no town too small for me to visit'(he used a really podunk town as example that only has two buildings) when I realized that apparently there ARE places too small for him to visit- like my town.

I'm thinking I should sit down later and write a little about this but I first have to catch up on last weeks debate(governors) and last nights as well(presidental) as I missed both due to class *sighs*

Mo said...

Dude, I wish I had fun things like that in my town! There is like...nothing here, except maybe...ummm..... no there's nothing! We do have snow if that counts? Fresh fall today!

I look at the Camps as who will help my economy more, we rely on the softwood lumber and the trades. Which one is going to help with the carbon tax situation by third party means. And of course, taking your country out of its near resession, which totally affects us!

I just think on the bright side of everything, every bone I've broken, every test I take, I just think, this is what I have, but there is so much worse going on in the world, there are children born with worse conditions, and I just remember, I'm alive, relatively healthy, and have my life.

Stress is killer. Especially when you get ill to the point where your fever reaches 104F and you have to function because you have a midterm worth 30% of your final grade and you only pull off a C+-mainly because you forget your thesis half way through and didn't notice!
And I am forced to read Twlight, we have to read, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Rice's Interview With the Vampire, Tanya Huff's Blood Price, Jim Butcher's Storm Front-The Dresden Files, Charlaine Harris' Dead Until Dark, and of course, Twilight. I am not looking forward to Twilight, my sister loves them, I think the plot and the improbable vampire sex is, most horrible. Luckily its not until after term papers are do, so I might not even read it! You know, it happens. TV class I swear is more fun, except sitting and analyzing everything from colour saturation to how the camera sits and moves. Which sadly leaves me to miss Atlantis on Monday nights because I'm stuck doing all the readings for the week!