Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My Stargate Story

I finally entered the Amanda Tapping Stargate Atlantis Super Fan Contest. Here's my entry:

The original was about 20 mins long... so imagine how much more there actually is to "my Stargate story." Some of what was cut:

- The fact that my older brother would sprint outside during commercials to lift weights in the hopes of looking like Teal'c.

- I once read that Amanda Tapping answers all of her fan mail so I sent her a letter... in 2002... and am still waiting for a reply. I'll probably take a little while to send her a thank you note when I do get my response.

- My first exposure to Stargate was the film when, in sixth grade, I did all that was expected of me and got to go to an end of the year party. We were studying ancient Egypt at the time (which merited the film) and our parents had to sign permission slips to allow us to watch a PG-13 movie. Alas, the party ended before the film so I was left wondering what happened to Col. O'Neill and Dr. Jackson after they were captured until I begged my mom to rent the movie that summer.

- The TV series began when I was in jr. high and I wasn't always allowed to watch it. Probably because I was very impressionable... though as you can tell from our fan films, the damage was already done.

- I used the excuse that I had to get home early from high school dances to watch my show to get out of dancing with boys who were even bigger geeks than I was.

- I used to wish I had glasses so that I'd look more like a Dr. Jackson nerd and would get upset over my perfect vision and the fact that my friends laughed when I'd ask if I was a nerd, assuring me otherwise... much to my dismay.

- I like cheese.

- I was influenced by Daniel and Indiana Jones and wanted to be an archaeologist for ages until I realized that, as is the case with most sciences, much of one's time is spent teaching and grant writing. I then realized that I just like reading about what archaeologists have figured out rather than having to do the work myself.

- I wrote a journal entry my freshman year of high school about observing school from the POV of a traveler from the stargate and how terrible school was. I was depressed that summer was over. My teacher was disturbed by my emo-ness.

- Daniel and I had a falling out... after I read an article about why Michael Shanks left the show (allegedly because he wanted more Daniel-centric episodes) "Michael Shanks" became a swear word in our house. My sister even had an sign on her door that had his name with a cross over it. Imagine our horror when we were forced to see him naked when he came back onto the show. The roof nearly blew off as my sister and my best friend and I all shrieked and tried to close one eye.

- We then realized that Daniel had formed a nudist colony, hence all of the clothes that were constantly left behind after he'd help others "ascend." I will stop here lest my pervertedness rear its head.

- There is much more I can say about Michael Shanks, including the horrible fact that the two children (1 and 3 at the time) that I took care of would knock over block towers shouting "Osama bin Laden!" and "Michael SHANKS!" I even have it on film.

- David Hewlett's fans at the A Dog's Breakfast screening all-but terrified me. I won't go into the specifics of the reasons why lest I offend any readers.

- Martin Gero is my MySpace friend and helped me with a school project once. We're so BFFs. Except not.

- When I first heard about the spinoff Atlantis, I laughed. When I saw the cast photograph I laughed harder.

- I fell in love with Atlantis and would watch it while coloring in my Harry Potter coloring book after my wisdom teeth were pulled. I could blame the Vicodin but that would be a lie - I just liked coloring in it.

- My sister wasn't allowed to watch Atlantis at first because my mom thought it was too scary with the Wraith. I assured her that if she had seen the severed heads flying over the walls of Gondor in Return of the King, she could handle this. I won.

- When Ford left the show, I'd randomly collapse on the floor crying "Rainbooooow!" because I wanted Ford back and thought that Rainbow Sun was the coolest frickin' name ever. It still is. I also thought he was cute. I still do.

- When Ronon first came on the show I had no idea that he was a cast regular and kept waiting for him to leave. He didn't. Then I liked him. Teyla finally had a fellow-alien BFF.

- When we first saw a picture of Atlantis season 2 my mom thought that Ronon was Ford with plucked eyebrows and dreads. Suffice it to say that it was a very small picture. Though Ronon's plucked eyebrows, creating the perpetually-surprised look, still kinda creep me out.

- Sometimes Sheppard scares me.

- Weir has always scared me.

- Toes often scare me.

- Children's shows almost always scare me.

- I have nightmares about oompa loompas.

Okay, I've gotten rather side tracked. There's lots more I could say, but I'll spare you, whoever you are.

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