Friday, November 30, 2007

Scarves and Moldy Pumpkins

Wow - it doesn't feel like it but it's been over 20 days since I last posted! As you can see, I've been busy knitting scarves - some on commission and some just to sell to the unsuspecting public of my university. Which is probably illegal. If I suddenly am never heard from again I was probably hauled off by the police and tasered for possessing a scarf - a deadly weapon. But in all honesty - I've sold all of the scarves in the picture except for the reject little orange one and the Gryffindor Harry Potter scarf! This has been a good year. I'm busily knitting more to fulfill my last-minute commissions and to sell to a few who were interested when I ran out of stock, but it looks like I've already earned Christmas present money.

I've done this for about three years, now... maybe four. The year I was trying to sell as many as possible to earn money for my trip to Ireland that January was particularly interesting. People saw me sitting there outside of the Student Union and thought all kinds of strange things. One man asked me if I was with the Commonwealth, and another asked if I was from Ireland. Apparently I look the part of my impoverished ancestors peddling their wares! I should start talking with my Irish accent when I try to sell them - maybe people would be more interested in buying them.

The same year that I was raising money for Ireland this barefoot hippie sat down at the table next to mine and held a piece of hemp between his toes and began weaving it. He was selling hemp knot jewelry... though who would buy it after watching him weave it with his toes all over it is beyond me. In fact, I didn't see him sell anything. After he tried to make conversation for an hour or so I ditched him. Nothing that interesting has happened this year other than being asked if I had an online shop where people could order scarves. Maybe that's not a bad idea...

Ah, the holiday season is here! The tree outside my window is completely naked except for a few leaves. I have a yearly tradition of cheering the straggler leaves on as the wind blows, trying to knock them off. Thanksgiving has come and gone rather uneventfully. I accidentally got drunk last year by drinking a spiked eggnog before eating anything and as such was a bit more careful this year. I tried to play Halo with my sister and cousins and my six-year-old cousin killed me several times. That wasn't because of the brandy -- I just suck that bad.

But enough about me. Time for some BEAUTY! Pictures of this blog's namesake: Moldy Pumpkin. For those who woefully do not know, the phrase comes from our fan film Stargate Atlantis: Discovery, wherein we meet Ronon's MOMMA for the first time.

When a teenaged Ronon dares to ask MOMMA why she's so mean, her response is, "Do you know what you looked liked when you were born? Ever seen a moldy pumpkin?!"

So here it is, imagery of baby RoRo:

I think the Voldemort on the left looks so awesome. Though my random mean guy in the middle is pretty hectic. And the redneck vampire on the end has aged well, too.

Atlantis Jackson: Yay thanks for your comments! Chaplin cracks me up. And yes - the jokes in our films are meant to be politically incorrect. I'm very irreverent when it comes to humor. Though getting saluted as dier fuhrer was a little disturbing! As for the picture from the earthquake... I now have it! Though I must warn you - I look like Baba Yaga in it! As for the school paper - I have no idea. I've had my picture taken for it more than once and I'm never on campus the next day to pick up a copy to see if it made it in. It probably doesn't matter anyway, since I make such a convincing man they probably captioned the picture as "Kelvin" rather than Kellie. ;o) Here's the one from the quake:

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Melissa said...

Selling Scarfs for christmas monies...that is a good idea! Much better than what I do...sit in a Liquor store and listen to drunks all day....and be cold cause was -30C which is like...something like 2F.... Math is NOT my strong suit.

Also, I am glad you liked my Movie:D We still haven't gotten marks back, hopefully on Monday if not I'll know by Wednesday, cause thats when our final exam is, and University Laws state we gotta have em back :D