Sunday, November 4, 2007

Season Finale!

Can you believe it? It took us long enough to get there, but Bone Rice Films has just wrapped up our historic first season of Stargate Atlantis fan films with this new installment, "Hidden." Our "season" began back in August of 2006 when we made the first fan film for fun then decided to put it up on YouTube in case there were a few more deranged Atlantis fans out there. As it turns out, there were several.

I hope you enjoy this episode and stay "tuned" for "Hidden, Part II" sometime in the coming months!

Stargate Atlantis: Hidden

Description: In this season finale, Weir hosts a talent show in an effort to distract the people of Atlantis while Vala hunts down the alien intruder from "Unexpected." TRT: 21 minutes.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Oh yes, and because I promised my non-existant readers to share the story of last Halloween in my next post, here it is. And it's conveniently related to our first Atlantis fan film, too.

It was right around Halloween that our first Atlantis fan film, "Unexpected," was put up on the actor Jason Momoa's official website. This was, of course, very exciting to us for it meant more exposure (I'd guess maybe 5 people scrolled to the bottom of the page and saw the links before heading off to the forums gush about how gorgeous he is. Not that there's anything wrong with that - homeboy's a beautiful guy. But I'm trying to be realistic about what "exposure" means in this case). I was suddenly worried because "Unexpected" was made with a lot of inside jokes and wasn't originally intended for "mass consumption." I have a very irreverent sense of humor and it's rubbed off onto my little sister.

We have made a joke of the fact that Weir is a diplomat and interested in cultures in the real show by making her ignorant and somewhat bigoted in our "show." But you always run the risk of being misinterpreted and I was paranoid about the joke our Weir makes about Teyla and Ronon not being allowed to wear uniforms because they're "brown people." Nevermind the fact that my sister and I were the Teyla and Ronon in question and that we take no offense to the joke that teases how Teyla and Ronon never wear uniforms. But we live in a very color-conscious world (where, for example, I fill out hundreds of forms that ask me to identify myself then have a long list of races with the last being a color, "White." A friend of mine once joked that someday she'd fill in "other" with "Vanilla" because she wanted to be a flavor rather than a color. I'm always tempted to write "North Atlantic Islander") and I did get at least one comment by someone who didn't find Weir's ignorance all that funny. That was before YouTube killed my account for having Atlantis music videos so that comment disappeared with all the others when I started a new account.

A day or two later was Halloween and I dressed up as one of my favorite comedians, actors, filmmakers and all-around genius, Charlie Chaplin. Or rather, I dressed up as his character the Little Tramp. It was interesting to go to school like that - not everyone knows who Chaplin is these days! Though one girl in my poetry class couldn't stop staring at me then gushed to our classmates that she couldn't help it because I make a very attractive man. Bless her. I never know what to make of those comments. After I made The Lord of the Freaks people were constantly telling me I looked so much like Elijah Wood. I can't necessarily disagree - we're both pasty, dark-haired and have eyeballs way too big for our heads. At least they give me good peripheral vision. I survived those years with my feminine self-esteem by the counter-comments I'd receive that "You look just like Arwen." That one I can't agree with but take as a high compliment - Liv Tyler is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. And what's not to love about Arwen? By the gods I've gotten sidetracked...

So there I was waddling around campus. Someone stopped me to take my picture for the school paper. Another boy catcalled across the street, shouting, "hey you little tramp!" I don't think I'll ever be so elated to be called that. Someone knew who I was! I'm in love with that guy, whoever he was.

I took the bus home and my mom picked me up from the bus stop on her way to the grocery store. I was telling her about my anxieties about the joke in our fan film and she told me to not worry about. I was beginning to feel better when two teenaged boys spotted me in the car and started jumping up and down, shouting "hail Hitler!" and saluting me Nazi style. It was like a Seinfeld episode - even strangers thought I was racist!

I guess not everyone knows that Hitler loved Chaplin and grew his mustache to emulate him. If I could find a picture of me in costume I'd put it up. But alas!

I hope you're enjoying the many changing colors of autumn!

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Atlantis Jackson said...

Cool! I'm a big Chaplin fan myself. And I don't think many people would take offence to your jokes in the Atlantis videos... it's all in fun and not meant to hurt :)
What about the picture the person took of you for the school paper? Did you make in into the issue? If so... can you get a back copy? If so, scan that picture. And you know what... you do make a very attractive man! I love your Ronon!