Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Solstice!

With the semester finally over and the solstice, here, I celebrated by baking an almond Yule Log and decorating my room (as I do every year) with moons and stars.

Now only a few more days till Christmas Eve and Santa comes! Yay!

I've finally gotten around to reading my copy of Northern Lights and am enjoying in so far. I hope to see the film soon.

I've yet to figure out how to properly use the "user friendly" mac, but I'll forcibly devote some time to it later. As it is, I'm happy to announce that my last-minute video "My Stargate Story" made it to the top ten finalists of the Amanda Tapping Stargate Atlantis Superfan Contest. That means Mrs. (or is it Ms. when you keep your maiden name? Assuming that is her maiden name...) Tapping will be forced to watch our video then pick a finalist. While I'm honored, I'm not holding my breath. That poor woman. Bless her. Here's our entry in case you missed it (sorry if it displays twice, I can't seem to fix that):

My Stargate Story

Hope you're all well! Next time - my Christmas shopping experience.

Melissa - thank you, darling! I think we've named it The Fat Man. And what movie-making software would that be? Final Cut Pro? I'm so new to the mac world. I'm used to sneering at it!

gods lil Tippy - Many thanks to you, as well, sweetie! And Merry Christmas to you, too!

tedrick - Thanks! I know - FINALLY. I have no idea. I'm hoping I don't get anything lower than a B+ but you never know. Next semester I'm taking the two American Lit courses and a screenwriting class that I don't actually have to show up to. How about you? And let me know how the gifts go over... some of them are in a picture I put up here somewhere.

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