Monday, July 26, 2010

HD Pictures

It's 7:30 pm and I'm sitting in my room smelling spaghetti, my favorite food, and am very hungry after a three mile run, but it's not time to eat yet. My sister and I were feeding the horses when she hopped about two feet off a hay bail. There was a loud pop and an agonized scream before she fell to the ground. She has "sprained" her ankles many times before, and we're hoping that's all this is, too, but that pop was terrible, and her foot has swollen up so much that it's purple and her toes are curling. Spaghetti is also her favorite food, so we're waiting until she gets back from the doctor before we eat! I hope she gets better ASAP and finally gets some physical therapy that will work to help prevent this from happening again.

And before I forget -- I apologize if the blog has been taking a while to load lately. I think it was the background picture that I had up of a sunset at sea. Now that I've deleted that, things seem to be loading faster... I think.

While I wait, I thought I'd share some pretty pictures. One of my graduation gifts was a Canon HD video camera, which was super cool. However, after playing around with it a bit, I discovered that it makes an annoying sound, like a hard drive writing information (except that it has no hard drive) and that the sound was in every video. It was especially noticeable in the quieter videos (like a documentary about the Commie). Thank goodness Costco allows returns! We were able to take it back without a problem. So I'm now searching for a good HD camera with minimal negatives at an affordable price. That means that, hopefully soon, our videos will be in HD!

I kept the pictures I took, so here they are! Oh, and here's one of my favorite Loreena McKennitt songs to listen to while you look. It always reminds me of summer sunsets.

Red, white and blue!

Sweet little Commie

More red, white and blue!

She just got a drink... I think. Okay, maybe she was drooling. But she's the cutest little drooling princess ever.

Froggy, her Royal Highness. She's Black the Commie's mother.

Mother and son

King Commie!

Communist toes



Tracie said...

Um Did you just say "Sweet little Commie"? Those are excellent picture's. Very nice. Teyla is so cute!

So what was the verdict with the ankle?

Hammy said...
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Hammy said...

I hope Alex's injury wasn't too bad and she is recovering well. :)