Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Camping Highlights

Scott's Flatt Lake

Here are some photographic highlights from our trip to the Sierra Nevadas in July.

Chee Chee finally decided that he likes his new bed.

A meadow

Swimming after a bike ride

Hydroelectric plant

We rode our bikes to the bottom of the dam, then were dumb enough to hike up the side of it with them. Imagine climbing up that with a 20 pound bike. At least none of us fell.

Tigerlilies at the river's edge


Beautiful boy

And remember this adorable picture of Toot from last year?

This year... not so much. The poor pup looks traumatized.

Mist on the river

In the mist

Approaching the mist


Toot ate some spaghetti

Wet boy curled up

One of those awesome flying tubes

Wet Chee Chee toes

I have no idea who these people are


Lots of fun bike rides


More Cheech on his bed

Beautiful little one

Teyla and Comanche were frustrated over not being able to play (since they always had to be on leashes) but as you can tell in this adorable video, Cheech put his bed to good use as a toy.

Thank you for your kind wishes for Alex's recovery. Her ankle is a grade 3 sprain, which means she tore the ligament. She has had it in a brace for two weeks so hopefully she'll continue to heal swiftly.

Tracie -- Yes, I did say "sweet little Commie" because he is one. ;)

Hammy -- Thank you for your well-wishes! :)

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