Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Lately, Alex and I have been trying out new dishes and using our family as guinea pigs. Check out our concoctions! My menu consisted of toasted pita shrimp salad, brushetta, and lemon linguine.

Sit back, listen to "Mambo Gelato," and get inspired to try some of these dishes!


Lemon linguine with arugula and fresh basil

Broiled and ready for the buscetta sauce!

The final result!


When not cooking, we went to the beach, made these retarded sand castles, dubbed them the Ghana World Cup team, and stomped on them.

Then it was Alex's turn to cook! She really challenged herself by first making a very complicated dessert that we've never had before: tiramisu.

Making the chocolate sponge cake

Making the dark chocolate layer

Lining the bowl with the sponge cake


Next was the layer of mascarpone cheese, dark chocolate shavings, and orange zest

It made a small mess...

Fresh basil from the garden makes all the difference!

Next, she made individual pizzas the traditional Italian method of frying the dough.

The dough

Frying the dough and preparing the sauce

Ready to bake!


Topped off with a slice of tiramisu!

Both recipes that Alex used were from Jaimie Oliver and were delicious and nutritious. We've been following his lead and weaning out the little processed food that has lingered in our diet. And speaking of food, check out what we discovered about the dogs. They like cooked corn on the cob, especially when we hold it for them.

Hopefully we'll have more delicious food pictures to post soon. In the meantime, I've realized that if writing doesn't work out, at least we could open a restaurant!

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