Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ronon is Conan and Star-ving

The wild storms seem to have taken a break for a few days. Today we had some sunshine and looking out the window now I see clear, pale blue skies. The change is welcome, though so is the coming rain, which will help alleviate our drought.

I don't have much to say at the moment, and since I've gotten used to inundating my posts with multimedia, I'll share this really embarrassing picture of Teyla from last year's Christmas party:

A bum bum

My sister's computer caught a virus so nasty that it wouldn't even let us get into Windows. Luckily, my dad's a computer whiz and, after working on it for nearly two days, has managed to get rid of some of the virus. So be warned! If he gets it up and running, the first thing I'm doing is putting all her pictures on my external harddrive then backing them up on DVDs... and, hopefully, salvaging our Sims. We spend way too much time with them... But apparently this jerk Russian virus has infected tens of thousands all over the world. It starts by pretending to be an anti-virus program and giving you a message. Don't click and get the hell away if you can, before it downloads itself. Malwarebyte's anti-malware is a good freeware program that helps get rid of these buggers.

Oh. And Clara bit me the other day. The light goes out in the beginning of the video because I was trying to encourage her to squeak so I could have it on record.

Mean Little Pig!

Now for some real news...

Stargate Atlantis star Jason Momoa has been cast as Conan in the new Conan the Barbarian film, which will stick closer to the original Conan stories than the one the governor of California was in before I was born. I for one, am very excited. While I'll admit to having, on several occasions, gotten so sick of Ronon's facial expressions and idiot behavior that I often screamed "Go die already!" at the TV (and on one occasion, tried to tear his picture off my wall) I've been able to keep that rage from reaching the actor who portrays him... I think. Anyway, congratulations, Mr. Momoa! And no, this has nothing to do with our fan films being featured on the front page of his website (bottom right). :)

And he beat out Kellan Lutz of Twilight, too. I actually have no idea who Mr. Lutz is, but he was in Twilight. So SGA won over Twilight. Kinda. So SGA is better. Kinda.

And speaking of Stargate actors moving on to new and better things... a while back I started wondering what ever happened to Corin Nemec (other than when he dressed in drag in Toby Keith's "Beer for my Horses" music video) who played Jonas Quinn, so I Googled his name and discovered the webseries Star-ving.

This show is hilarious, irreverent, and allegedly demented. I didn't quite notice the dementedness at first, but that's probably because I'm so demented that I don't notice demented things. My favorite episode is the second one, Gilbert's Kid. The lines on this show are hilarious. While I love how crazy things are in every episode, my one complaint is that there's so much going on, it detracts from the comedic genius of the dialogue. Note: You can watch the episodes with the swearing cut out on YouTube.

For not having much to say, this sure is a long post! I'm shutting up now.

Wait, almost. Would anyone be interested in reading an excerpt from my book?

ladybozi: You know it, babe! Thanks for the amazing compliment.

Hammy: Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts -- it's great to hear from you! While I don't read tons of YA lit, I've greatly enjoyed His Dark Materials, Harry Potter, and am even reading the Inheritance Trilogy. The book I wrote is also YA, so like you, I am greatly discouraged to see stories of so little substance, like Twilight, getting so much attention, when there are so many more stories that have gravity and encourage the broadening of young minds, rather than encouraging obsessive, controlling relationships and the damsel in distress disorder. Please, comment more often! :)

the other Amanda: LOL yes, we deserved that round of applause. I'm glad you liked the art. We were laughing so hard as we drew that I'm surprised we managed to finish each drawing.

Mackenzie's Momma: Totally creepy! And while your comment about if your favorite actor was in the next Twilight running about in a tight shirt you still wouldn't see it in the theater made me laugh... I have to admit... if Johnny Depp were in Twilight, I would see it. Because you know he'd be taking the piss at every opportunity, and only half the audience would know it. I know, you must read my posts about the weather and be like "Um... so? Why are you whining?"

Tracie: Bless your heart -- yes, we're all safe and well, thank you! As for Twilight -- we all have our guilty pleasures. And if my book ever gets published, you're perfectly welcome to read it and point and laugh and write essays about how it's so much worse than Twilight. ;)


Mackenzies Momma said...

Ugh about the virus. I totally sympathize. My mum managed to kill her computer's motherboard 2 weekends ago and so I spent Saturday afternoon researching computers, Saturday evening going to two stores to buy it(30 miles apart)and setting it up. Sunday it went to the computer doctor so they could rip her entire memory off the other one and transfer it to the new one. Monday I had about 4 hours to learn how to completely operate a new OS (Win 7) so I can play tech support (*grumbles* i swear to the sky that I am going to start charging by the tech support call!) not fun at all. So hopefully your dad can save it and you can save your sims(the important things eh? ;))

Also- yes sometimes I do look and go "ah complaining about the 'weather' again I see. Whats so horrid about sunshine?" (Though after last summer and my heat stroke @ 2am? I *totally* get the complaints about heat).

Also congrats to Mr. Momoa he deserves a good role.

And have I mentioned I get to meet Corin Nemic in July? I have a ticket to GateCon and he's on the guest list at the moment.

Okay gotta go to bed, tomorrow is my big event and I have to be there at 5 am. (How is it that when we started this we had to show up at 7 am then last year(year 2) it was 6 am and this year its 5? I mean does that one work?)

the other amanda said...

LAME. Computer viruses suck and scare the shite outta me (as you well know, haha XD). I'm glad you were able to save your Sims! And yay and congrats yet again to Mr. Momoa! Go you for beating some Twilight twit! I'm kinda excited for the new Conan, even though the only reason why at the moment is because of him, haha. Huh. I may need to check out Star-ving if it's as demented as you're claiming it to be. Since we're almost on the same level, demented-ness-wise ;] And of COURSE I'd love to read an exerpt from your book, you silly creature! :D

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