Friday, January 8, 2010


So I kinda suck at being a blogger. Like, a lot. I'm a lazy ass. But to be fair, I have been keeping myself busy. I'll try to blog more often to force myself to work on my non-fiction skills. Hopefully I'll post about a recent maritime adventure soon... But in the meantime, here's a bit of what's been keeping me occupied lately.

There was a big fire nearby in August. This was a good day (there's supposed to be another mountain behind that big pine) but the heavy layer of smoke for over a week prevented me from going outside much. Not having health insurance makes getting inhalers and all that crap more difficult. So since I couldn't be romping about, I applied myself to other tasks...

One night, I had a dream that was the end of a Gothic fairy tale. It so moved me that I set out to write the beginning of the story. I never intended for it to turn into a novel, much less my MFA thesis, but the winds of poesy billowed my sails. Within just under three weeks, I had a 92,000, 304 page novel under my belt.

It's a Young Adult adventure/fantasy story called Sing Moonlight. Here it is photographed with The Three Musketeers on top for scale. I'm currently querying literary agents in my attempt to get it published. Lately the characters have been teasing me in my dreams, and a sequel won't be far off!

The book has been approved by my thesis director and I'll get comments from my second and third readers soon. So far, the responses have been wonderful and very positive from both teens and veterans of the genre alike, so I'm cautiously hopeful about Sing Moonlight finding a place on a shelf near you!

I also ate ice cream.

Went on lots of hikes.

Gazed at the night sky.

Played with the neighbors' new puppies, Sammy and Oreo.

Was attacked by bats.

Was in the July/August issue of Script Magazine.

Started painting again. Ironically enough, this is what I painted on my birthday.

Got caught dancing to Mama Mia!

Ate Christmas cookies. On New Year's Eve. Yep -- no "lose weight!" resolutions for me.

Spying on Chee Chee in his new bed that my sister and I got him for Christmas. He is now referred to as "The Sultan." And that's Froggy on the left, dipping her toes into his water bucket so that she can lick the water off.

Tracie (aka Moody) -- That's great! Oh, what fun. We recently started re-watching season 6. :)
Anonymous -- I can't tell if you're serious or not, given that you left your comment on a 3-sentence post, LOL!


Mackenzies Momma said...

Well it sounds like you sure have been keeping busy!

I've been gearing up for my Country Living Expo/Cattlemen's winter School that I'm on the committee for, teaching at and generally being a chicken with its head cut off ;)

(you can see it here by the way: )

Oh and going to school full time (I'm now an English Major) and juggling the toddler.

Tracie said...

I can't wait to read your new book! I hope it's out soon.

Ok I have to ask a stupid question-Were those real bats?