Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Beginning of the Pineapple?

It's the start of El Niño, at least. Rain, rain, rain! And... tornadoes???

Believe it or not, one touched down in Southern California a few days ago, throwing boats out of the water and flipping cars, and initial radar results show that one at least formed, if not touched down, just south of us. Yesterday as I ran up to my neighbor's house (since we live in a somewhat rural area, our "neighbor" means the house up the hill) to visit with my dad's warning that there could be a tornado in the next 15 minutes making me glance warily about.

While we never (thankfully) saw a tornado, there were some big thunder storms that passed through. Though we live in the mountains, we're still only 500 feet above sea level, so we're not used to thunderstorms that rattle the windows. As you can see by the video, we're not too used to thunder at all!

In the midst of it all, Clara the Pig was unfazed.

Today things have calmed down to a steady downpour that the birds seem to be enjoying.

More storms are sure to come! Alex doesn't mind. School was canceled twice in a row, giving her a 5-day weekend right before finals!

Tracie -- Very good point! I'm glad our nation is full of people with differing opinions, but I do wish some of the more conservative people would see that half of what they're fighting against/upholding are social customs, not something sacred. For example, pink being for girls and blue being for boys. The inability to stop and think, "why are things this way?" aggravates me to no end.


Anonymous said...

wattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt ;p

the other amanda said...

School was cancelled because of rain?? DANG. I'm jealous, haha. I only remember school being cancelled for me because of wildfires and the smoke all-but ruined the air quality... You guys should bust out the parkas and canoes in case things get really wild!