Wednesday, April 1, 2009


First, the big news that I've been very late in telling. An article about me and Andromache will appear in the June issue of Script Magazine, so be sure to check it out!

Also... spring is here! While I am still constantly hoping for more rain to help ease the drought, I am definitely enjoying the warm weather, the green, and the wildflowers. However, I've developed allergies so my eyes and nose aren't exactly enjoying the season!

How are you all faring? I've once more become a bad blogger...

I live for sights like this

Rare, indigenous wildflowers

Miner's lettuce


Teyla was up to some mischief while I was sitting and enjoying this view. See what shenanigans she was up to at the back of the manure pile...

Dirty puppy

Then something really exciting happened. A plastic bag blew loose.

I love spending time with my littlest sister, Teyla.

A pair of Canada Geese have also nested nearby, however they recently abandoned their nest. After watching and waiting until we were sure the nest was abandoned, we decided to incubate the eggs ourselves. I've candled them and know that three for certain are "quitters" (four of the eggs had been pushed out of the nest and these may have been among them) and am not sure if the others are even fertilized, but I'll wait and see, just in case!

And here's someone I may have not introduced before: Clara the guinea pig!

Here she is last week, exploring my room. You can hear Alex and I make a reference to our Stargate Atlantis fan film in which Sheppard was afraid of Clara.

Mackenzie's Momma -- Diablo Cody wrote the film Juno and won an Oscar for it. :) And I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels more comfortable around farm animals than in clubs. How the heck did you get sucked into a club when you were there for a Country concert???


Mackenzies Momma said...

Oh okay I know who Diablo Cody is now *face palm* I guess the name just didn't ring a bell for me.

Club story- see 2 years ago come Halloween, I was driving home from the island for the weekend and my country station that is out of Seattle(I have a total of 4 I listen to- 3 American and 1 Canadian) did one of those 'call in to win' contests. Well I just happened to be the right caller, and *won*(I use the term very loosely as the DJ seemed VERY surprised that *ANYONE* called in) tickets to an Eric Church concert that was their "Howl-oween Bash"(they are the Wolf). So I went to a club for the first and last time.

Strangely enough I also won tickets to a Bridal show in the same call in to win segment.

My last concert I went to was at a 'club' within a Casino and was MUCH different as I was 21 and actually could go into the 'good' parts. That concert was Vince Mira(the Young Johnny Cash) and totally *sucked* as the sound was horrid and the preformance was highly over rated.

Oh! Any idea where I can find a copy of "Script Magazine"? Or maybe when it comes out you could scan it and post it for us?

Tracie said...

Oh I wish I could take a picture of the snow/rain we're having here.

Spring? What's that? :)

I LOVED Juno, it was so funny!