Monday, April 20, 2009

Early Summer

Chee Chee is a hot pup

It's friggen hot out. I mean, it's 11pm, and it's almost 70F. In APRIL. It got up to 101 F today. Yesterday it was 95 F and broke the previous record from over 100 years ago. However, that temperature was recorded the day after the infamous 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, in which much of the area burned and the smoke increased the heat.

This year is just bizarre. A week ago it was 35F at night. The winds were blowing so strong that I thought the trees were going to fall over. I watched as our metal table and chairs slid across the deck.

We've been watching the wonderful PBS series We Shall Remain. Though watching it and hearing it are two different things. With the doors and windows open to cool off, all of the abundant life outside can be heard. I love it, but it can get annoying when you have to keep rewinding the DVR to listen to an historical fact. Check out how loud the tree frogs are (they even drown out the crickets!). Our peacock is in the middle of his mating season, so he squawks at any loud noises... unti, of course, we try to make him honk for the video!

I started recording again after we did get him to honk.

Yes, he does that about every 15 minutes or so when a noise displeases him, which makes hearing anything difficult and relations with the nearby housing area nearly impossible.

Yesterday we improvised and made our own slip and slide to have some fun!

Here are some more beautiful little wildflowers.

We're supposed to get rain on Friday. Everyone is laughing at the prospect, but given the dramatic weather the past week, I wouldn't doubt it! Unfortunately, I won't be here to find out, since I will be in Las Vegas accepting my national screenwriting award. My mom's coming with me and we're meeting up with one of my long-time SGA internet pals, so wish us luck!

Oh yeah, and before the heat struck, we made a new video.

It's a Wonderful Life

Mackenzie's Momma -- I would love to see some pictures of Fawn in all her silly glory. ;)

Tracie -- The Lost Boys "makes your town look all dark and mysterious and ,well, full of vampire"? This I must see. Because as far as I know, Santa Cruz is full of men with pink umbrellas, people with dreads, natural foods shops, hippies, street musicians, and surfers, to name a few. It's quite amusing to imagine it "dark!"


Mackenzies Momma said...

Okay I got her shaved but I'll have to get out with the camera if it's sunny again tomorrow and take some pictures for you. She just got her spine shaved and looks like a major dork at the moment.

We hit 70 here today and I was *DYING* so I can't imagine 101. I'd be melted in a puddle somewhere.

Oh BTW- shared you're videos about the 'shipper wars' with a friend today and I think I may have made her keel over from giggling.

I'd been reading a fic from one of our mutual friends who has declared herself "Anti-Ship"(and protests whenever we release shippy pieces for our ship-verse) and we were discussing how she'd in all actuality ended up writing a shippy piece.

Oh and if you need a good laugh you MUST check out my newest blog entry. It's odd and hilarious.

Tracie said...

What no Vampires? The guys with Pink Umbrellas sound scary though....

Cute Puppy. We have weather like that hear in Utah. Last week snow, this week 80 degrees,until Friday when it will be 60 again. No wonder everyones always got a cold here.

What's your Peacocks name?

Tracie said...

Um, I nominated you for BlogHer of the week. Just so you're not completely blindsided when you win.