Sunday, February 8, 2009

Old Videos

Oh, the innocence and youth of high school. Or, in my case, the random insanity. In case it isn't clear by now, I don't think I was ever part of the popular crowd, though my Swiss exchange student friend claimed that I was. At any rate, I was too clueless to know one way or the other. Maybe these two short videos, made for my high school video productions class, will give you some idea of why.

X-Treme Sports

A random video. Made for high school video productions. From what I remember, I was obsessed with the winter Olympics at the time, and since we had no snow, I improvised. This was edited to Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze," but YouTube decided I was stealing money by uploading a video with that song, so they kindly replaced the music with something appropriately inappropriate.

Flight of the Priestesses

This film, which I made for video productions in high school in 2001, was meant to be like a painting. You can look at it and can create your own story.

Mackenzie's Momma -- It was so rainy that day that the dogs got over the novelty of the beach pretty quickly! And wow -- you had a lot on your shoulders! Were those classes through a community center? I'm curious as to how you started teaching!

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Mackenzies Momma said...

Ah well that would do it if it were raining.

Teaching- I took a course about 3 years ago now through Washington State University's extension service. It was the WSU Livestock Advisors(LA).

Basically you take the 13 week LA course learning about topics from Livestock to fencing, and plants and all sorts of other things, and then become 'certified' (I can actually say that I've been Certifiable for years now ;) )

Since I have goats and have raised them since I was 13 or so that became my area of 'expertise' that I have largely focused my advising on.

Last year(2007) I decided that since I was going to all of our quarterly meetings anyways that I should join the Board of Directors(2 year position, and gave me voting power, lol). Well that led to me becoming an active part of the Country Living Expo & Cattlemen's Winter School(this event) committee.

For 2008 we put together the whole event in a little over 6 weeks(we started planning in late October/Early November and held it the 19th of January). Because it was very small I got the opportunity to teach a class(the beginners one) and got *very* high reviews from all my students.

Naturally when the chance rolled around to plan this years(especially since we started in September) I jumped on it. This year we offered 105 classes over the course of about 8 hours(it was 6 class periods and each 'student' got to attend 5 classes + have lunch) and had 65 instructors on a wide range of topics from beef and other livestock to canning/preserving your own food, and starting your own garden.

Um, I'm going to shut up now since I've written you a novel in your comments, lol. If you want to know more just drop me an email and I'd be happy to share :D