Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dogs' Day at the Beach

Even though we live near the coast, our dogs have never seen the ocean. So a few weeks ago we decided it was high time to take them to see the ocean. It was a rainy day and the drive along Highway 1 was scenic and frightful, and we encountered one of the most beautifully hilarious state park employees that I've ever seen. His facial twitching and the way he'd stare into space contributed to us nicknaming him "Frogurt."

The drive took nearly two hours -- not because it was that far away, but because we couldn't find a state beach that allowed dogs on leashes. Just like most state parks. Where the flip are people supposed to walk their dogs? We need a massive letter-writing campaign to address the state about this.

We eventually found a secluded surfer beach and let the dogs out there.

Teyla and Cheech aren't sure what to make of the "big lake"

As you can see, the Toot stayed close to her mommy's legs

Poor Cheech. At one point, he turned his back on the ocean and got his legs doused by a frigid wave.

The combers

Oceanic rock

A nervous little queen

Our view as we ate lunch

On the drive back, we passed through a little town that, with the weather, reminded me of Ireland.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. It was nice to hear from you all again, and I appreciate your supportive voices.

Mackenzie's Momma -- You were teaching?? Wow, what were you teaching? How'd it go?

Tracie -- I don't have kids, but I have younger siblings and have been a nanny -- so I can only imagine how frustrating it is to deal with teens who are being ornery, etc. I think every parent that survives their children's teen years without blowing up all the time is a saint!

Theincrediblemo -- I'm glad you stand up for yourself! Though there's a difference between "telling someone off" and making an already volatile situation worse. You have to make the call for yourself in every different situation, and in this one, I like to think none of us were worse for wear since the note was a subversive tactic.

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Mackenzies Momma said...

I was teaching 2 classes:

Bringing up Baby: A Beginner's Guide to Goats- which was just a very basic, basic overview into the world of goats. I was *very* comfortable with this one as I taught it last year and know my material inside and out.

So you have goats? Now what?- which was an 'advanced' guide to raising dairy goats(breeding was the main focus). This one I was a little more nervous about as it was my first time teaching an *advanced* level course. It went far worse than the beginning course because I had one of those students who was of the mindset that the way SHE did it was the ONLY way to do it. So therefore she felt the need to contradict *EVERYTHING* I said.

Looks like the dogs had a blast. We are so lucky up here because we have *dog beaches* that are specifically for dogs.