Monday, January 14, 2008

Spirit Rider

One of my all-time favorite actors is Adam Beach. I'll watch almost anything with him in it (except for Law & Order: SVU because that show scares me) and as such, I got an assortment of odd DVDs for Christmas because they were all Adam Beach movies. One gem was the 1990's made-for-Canadian-TV film Spirit Rider starring Herbie Barnes, Graham Greene (who I also adore) and a smaller roles by Adam Beach and Michelle St. John. My sister, cousin and I watched it twice in all its corny glory, and loved it so much that we had to parody it. We prepped for our roles by hiking the day before we filmed, adopting Manitoba accents whenever we passed other hikers, discussing the events of the movie as if they were real. God I love life.

We found Mr. Barnes on MySpace and sent him a link to the film. He's now an accomplished playwright and comedian. I'll wet myself if he actually watches and writes back. So far he hasn't even logged in since November. Here's the parody:

Spirit Rider: How to Ruin a Life

Part 1:

Part 2:

I might send it to Adam Beach, too, since he's my MySpace friend (shut up, Ted, that doesn't sound as stupid as you say it does) but I think I would DIE if he ever wrote back. I don't really think I get starstruck. People are just people. But dude. Adam Beach? I would be starbeaten.

In fact, since Smoke Signals is one of the best movies ever made (anyone who hasn't seen it - go watch it!) and I also liked Skins, I wrote to the director, Chris Eyre, on MySpace... and he wrote back! I stared at his few sentences over and over again. I responded to his response, very excited to hear what he had to say back... and I'm still waiting. If I scared you off, Mr. Eyre, I'm sorry!

Evan Adams as Thomas (I love you!) and Adam Beach as Victor in Smoke Signals

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