Sunday, January 6, 2008

California Storms

I think the storms that hit the West Coast these past few days made national news. They weren't insanely bad, but there were about a million without power and, where I live, winds up to 60 MPH. I filmed a little bit of it on Friday. While the winds weren't blowing insanely it was still enough to glimpse the power of the storm.

Shockingly enough, we didn't lose power! Alex and I hoped all day that our luck would last and that we'd be able to watch Stargate Atlantis that night. Our luck held... until about halfway through the episode when the power randomly shut off. It hadn't even been storming then but PG&E was probably fixing the power for just about everyone else. It came back on shortly after and we got to finish the episode, later watching the few minutes that we missed. I thought it was one of the best so far this season! I loved all of the characters showing a range of emotions and the adventure with Weir's dramatic entrance at the end. We were on the ground laughing.

But then the next day our house at the beach flooded and we had to go try to clean it up. Here's a glimpse of the "calm" we found ourselves in after the high tide:

The surf came right up over the sea wall and left this bit of "driftwood."

Check out the water dripping off my nose like snot.

Alex and I then went down to the beach and filmed the waves. Here they are at low tide:

We got soaked, were freezing, yet fatties that we are, still got ice cream on the way home.

Back in the mountains, the Western horizon heralded the news that, for the moment at least, the storm was over.


ajla said...

I LOVE you guys in that picture! VERY CUTE!! hehe. .....see we would totally hang out fine. Two days was about.ooh... 40 deg..and my brother and I walked to the store and bought icecream. AND ate it on the way lol ...okay so MY END is talking about LACK of rain..and you're complaining about rain lol Those are crazy pictures. =S I keep thinking if California breaks off...I'll have beach front property sooo Im not TOO Worried. lol

Godsliltippy said...

Goodness, those pictures and videos are crazy! Hope the storms didn't do too much damage x.x I know our side of the country would looooooove to steal those storms from yall =D some areas here are gettin' down to a few weeks left of water ;_;
The pictures at the end were beautiful! Would loved to been there!
Yall have a good rest of the week and stay warm!

Lots o' love!