Sunday, August 19, 2007

More Are Being Forced to Watch...

Sunset Atlantis is currently featured on Jason Momoa's official website. I don't think the poor sod has ever actually watched one of our fan films so doesn't know what harm is being done through being publicly associated with us. But the thank you goes to Keith, the admin, for his constant support of our insanity! To check it out, click here and scroll to the bottom right of the page under "fun items."

And how is it described on the site?

"It looks like the Rice sisters have taken there Atlantis spoof to a new and twisted level. Enjoy."

At first I didn't know what he meant by "twisted" until I remembered that Ro "dies" at the end. ...Or did he? ;o)

We also have pretty much every Lord of the Rings fan film we've ever made showing in Dragon*Con's Tolkien Film Festival which is really cool! I can't attend the con but am honored. The entered films are:

The Lord of the Freaks: The Fellowship of the Freaks
The Lord of the Freaks: The Two Freaks
The Lord of the Freaks: The Return of the Freak
Lunchtime at Bag End
Behind Rivendell: In Search of the Mental Elves

Any who chance a viewing of the above films will probably leave the event horribly scarred for life...

Also... filming began today on Stargate Atlantis: Wanderers! It was a hot and sweaty shoot in desert-like conditions.

That's all for now. Bye and thanks for your interest even though I know no one's reading this!

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