Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Crevasse and George Lucas Party

(Drawing by Layne)

I say, with complete confidence, that we are the first people ever in the history of the world to hold a party in celebration of a Crevasse, George Lucas, Peter Jackson (PJ) and Bear Grylls (though we admit that Bear Grylls got kicked out of the lineup towards the end of the festivities). Why would anyone hold such a celebration, you may ask? Why, don't you see the beauty of a crevasse and the hilarity of how the word sounds when spoken by the English voice of a narrator of a documentary about Antarctica? And what's not to love about fat-necked George Lucas, the ever-beautiful Peter Jackson and the... repetitively odd Bear Grylls?

The festivities began with a parade in honor of the distinguished men celebrated. Note the festive attire of the celebrants. Along with the instruments.

The parade was followed by the singing and dancing in welcome of the fatness and Crevasseness.

This was followed by imitations of Eragon and Saphira and meditation on the beauty of a Crevasse.

These were succeeded by a series of competitions which included who could "Uhhhhh" like George Lucas for the longest period of time. Stitch was the judge and this was the scorecard.

Next was one of the highlights - the George Lucas vs. Peter Jackson belly bash to determine who was the best film trilogy director!

In one corner we have the Kiwi PJ!

In the other we have the tater-tot-lovin' George Lucas!

And last but certainly not least, we have none other than Friar Tuck as the referee of the match!

And here are some stills of the battle of the titans!

Curious as to who won this epic battle and took home the title? Find out by clicking on the video below to watch!

After a bit of swimming there was dancing to Russian pop music.

Then, at long last, the Crevasse cake! As is obvious, the cake decorations are Stonehenge with a crowd of people in the center, celebrating the solstice with Stuart Townsend. The round things are dark chocolate covered soy nuts.

The cake was ceremonially stabbed then consumed. Note the crevasse carved into the surface, filled with scrumptious chocolate frosting.

All in all, a very satisfying celebration of Crevasse, George Lucas, and Peter Jackson! Long live the Crevasse!

Below is an image of some of the decorations.

Until the next post - farewell!

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