Monday, August 30, 2010


My older brother doesn't live with us anymore, but whenever he shows up for a visit, Teyla is beside herself with joy. Have a look for yourself at her excitement after he parked his truck and headed up the driveway.

I've written a short script that is being filmed in LA next weekend, so I'll be flying down soon to help with the production. It's definitely exciting! I'll borrow my sister's camera so that I can take some pictures while I'm there and will share my adventures upon my return. :) Our hope is for the film to make the rounds in the film festivals and gain some attention.

Tracie -- That's a long time to be in the navy, wow. That must have been really rough to have to work while being that sea sick. Nausea affects everything. You are one tough cookie!


Tracie said...

Cute little thing.

Tracie said...

Oh and let me know if your film comes to Sundance and we can have lunch or I can at least meeet you in person. Its only 1/2 hour from me.

the other amanda said...

Aaawww Teyla! What a doll [: