Monday, May 17, 2010


A handsome young man came to call

Last week, while playing my ukulele, I paused to let my hand rest and heard panting outside. I looked out my window to see who I assumed was Chee Chee, looking sleek after his trim, only to see Chee Chee following... a stranger.


A handsome young man had come to visit! Well, actually he was lost and we had to walk him around for a while to find his owner looking for him (it turned out that he belonged to a family whose child is friends with the kids I used to nanny -- my neighbors). At first his identity was quite the mystery since he was un-neutered, had no collar, and was wet. We wondered if he'd crossed the river, which would be very brave this time of year! As you can tell from the video, my grandma also confused him for Comanche at first.

Chee Chee tried to play with Beau for a while, but once Beau was on a leash, he kept jumping at Alex, trying to play with the lead, and Cheech got defensive and kept nipping at Beau's flanks, so we wound up having to lock Chee Chee up while our new friend visited. Teyla has anxiety issues with new people and dogs, so she stayed in the house.

Maybe it's the fact that we have a menagerie, or maybe it's the energy we exert, but when local animals go missing, they quite often find their way to our house. We're always as accommodating as possible, and have even kept a few horses overnight when they showed up after dark. I always love it when we get to meet new visitors, like Beau.

His owners had raised and trained a search and rescue dog before him, but the dog died from cancer when he was only 5. So when they got Beau, they decided to use him as a breeding dog, though they're thinking twice since he keeps escaping and... peeing on everything in sight.

Here are two random clips and my thoughts:

1. The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund

This seriously has to be one of the most awkward PSAs ever. I don't have much admiration for either men, but I love how Bush looks like he's just waiting and waiting to get to say his one line.

2. The Mentalist Dancing

It's the Mentalist. And he's dancing.

3. Toot and the Big Stick

Trying to convince Teyla to carry a big stick. We're mean big sisters.

Mackenzie's Momma -- Many thank yous, sweetie! I love that dress. I got it off e-bay for around $20, and given that it's a Tripp dress, it would be sold at Hot Topic for at least $40. Did you ever make it to Vancouver???

Ashley -- Merci! You know I love you blog. :) Thank you for your comments and for your condolences. You're so sweet. Give MissL a kiss for me!

And Traci... I promise some Tumnus pictures in my next post!

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Mackenzies Momma said...

We're the local hangout for all the wanderers too. I got to meet our neighbors 'new' dog the other day finally (I've seen him in the distance but not up close) and must say he's a sweetie (half bull mastiff half pit bull) and was a real doll.

As for Vancouver- yes I did make it up there though I didn't quite spend the trip the way I wanted to. I was planning on geeking out over Stargate and V with my friends, instead I ended up bawling in a corner outside the cafe. It was....not fun. (Gee thanks Stargate for that one. I really didn't need those flashbacks){If you want to know what I'm referring to I'll email you about it ;)}