Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Summer Flowers

Here are some more pictures from the summer. I promise that next time I post, I'll share something newer! But for now...

Pretty summer flowers that are long since gone.

And here's some evidence that Piglet is a good teacher!

And last but not least... I know this is random... but I'm just saying... I really, really see a similarity.

Mackenzie's Momma -- Whoa, that's not the fun kind of joking around, then. It pisses me off just to even hear about it. I'm sorry you had to go through that but I'm glad you didn't let them get away with it. I hope they were punished? I want to go yell at them!

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Mackenzies Momma said...

Great pictures! I'll have to dig some of mine out for you later of the tulips from this last spring. Oh and you aren't the only one who sees that resemblance :)

Yes and no they were punished. They got me taken away from them and then because their productivity went from really good to nil they got in do-do water for that. And I'm not quite sure what else if anything happened as I wasn't there anymore.

Hopefully this summer I won't have to go back(for a 5th summer) or if I do I'll get a good crew who behaves themselves.

My second crew was way better and I was in shock because of how *nice* they were.