Sunday, May 24, 2009

Animals and Fandom Stuff

A pretty sunset in April

The Civil War re-enactment is raging this weekend, and I can hear the cannons from the battle as I type. They're making poor Peeks, our Peacock, very upset! But thank goodness the war is pretend...

I have some good news! My script Andromache has won another national screenwriting competition. What's nice is this time I get a bit of $ as a prize. Very welcomed! Also, the class reading of my new script went extremely well and while some people had complaints, they prefaced those complaints with "I love it." One girl held her pee as long as she could so that she wouldn't miss any of it -- I take that as a huge compliment!

And for anyone holding their breath... the article in Script Magazine has been pushed back. It won't come out in June as planned, but should still come out this summer. I'll keep you posted!

Here's some random stuff.

This is Junior, who is "my cat" (when we were kids and our cat Froggy had kittens, we each got to keep one). She's a bit wild and sometimes slaps people when they pet her, but she's always been nice to me and I think her eyes are so beautiful. She's about fifteen and is still a lean, mean, fighting machine! Her muscles are still in top condition. And she answers me when I talk to her. We have a special bond because she was the runt, and I always made sure that she got a teat, that she got affection, etc. As you can tell, she's quite the hunter and is always alert, rarely ever holding still!


And here is Houdini making great progress. Nic has been training him for years. Look at how genius this horse is. I'm very proud of him!

Houdini's skillz

Other random fandom stuff:

I've finally started to finish my fanfic Branded Heart. I looked at the story in whole the other day and realized it's over 70,000 words and not yet complete. And I wrote most of it in my free time last summer. 40,000 words is a short novel. So yeah, I'm not so worried about finishing my novel for my thesis anymore!

My new Teyla/Ronon music video from Teyla's POV.

Taking Over Me

I also randomly made a pretty background with lyrics from a Goo Goo Dolls song, "Without You Here."

Hope you're all having a great Memorial Day weekend! I'm spending mine battling my first virus of the year (when you get your first cold in May, I think that's a good thing!).

Last night/this morning I dreamed that I was Batman battling The Joker, but then The Joker started to win and took over nearly all of Gotham, killing hundreds of innocent civilians. I was so upset... then I stopped caring about the strangers when I realized that my own life was in danger! I hid in an old parking garage and saw Susan Meyer and Karen McClusky from Desperate Housewives sneaking past. I knew that if Susan saw me in my batsuit, she'd scream and give away my position. I secretly hoped they'd both die. Casualties of war and all that. I should go take my temperature...

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