Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Alfred Day

Alfred is underappreciated

Today was Alfred Day! Yes, that's right, a day to celebrate Michael Caine's portrayal of Alfred. The best ever. Michael Caine is an amazing actor.

It started with Katie and I meeting downtown for chai teas on the redwood porch of a tea house downtown. We chatted for a few hours then met up with my mom and sister to go see the Michael Caine film Is Anybody There? at a local art house theater.

The film was very entertaining and, of course, Michael Caine was amazing. There were a few scenes between his character and a little boy that made me think, "If I were really into this, I could use the footage from this film and from Batman Begins to make a little Bruce Wayne and Alfred video of some kind." I then snickered at the thought. Until I realized that to have thought it in the first place, I was that into it.

Alfred and young Bruce Wayne and his dad

Beautiful Alfred

After the film we headed to Coldstone Creamery for some ice cream. How is that a part of Alfredian celebrations? Well, Alex and I have this fantasy of hanging out with Alfred and going to eat ice cream with him. Whenever "Shout" would play at Coldstone, we'd imagine him dancing. Yes, I've been told on countless occassions, by exceedingly colorful people, that Alex and I are beyond weird.

Yay for Alfred and ice cream!

Well, Tracie, unfortunately, I didn't see the Pink Umbrella Man today. His absence made me wonder if the rumors are true -- if he really does have a day job. Blasphemous!

The farmer's market was today, though, and while there I looked for some vampires for you. I think I found a vampire drumming circle. At least... lots of them had dreads... like Wraith... who suck people so they're kinda like vampires... by extension...

Vampire Drumming Circle

Also, I think we passed by a female Ronon while walking through the Farmer's Market. She had long brown dreads, a dark tank top, a thick leather belt with holsters, pouches and fringes, brown pants, and some heavy-duty boots. I was impressed!

My professor e-mailed me today, letting me know that tomorrow, at our final, our class will be reading my new script in its entirety. Um, whoa there. I didn't know this was coming, and I don't want to hear anyone's full-length script, least of all my own. And I already feel enough like the teacher's pet in that class given that everyone knows I've won several screenwriting awards and I was asked to share my stories about Diablo Cody and Vegas. I'd rather someone else got a chance to have their voice heard, but I'm sure there's a good reason behind my professor's choice. More than likely, he's using my script as a cautionary tale. ;)


Tracie said...

Aw thanks for looking for the Pink Umbrella Man for me. At least you found Vampires....I knew they were there somewhere! Thanks so Much!

Mmm said...

I hope you don;t mind that I am borrowing Alfred for my bog Tea. :)

Wanda said...

This is so interesting. I just adore "Alfred". So glad he is going to be the butler at our Christmas Tea. He was my choice from the beginning!