Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh, Glorious Day!

Me, Leanne, Tanya and Alisia all had a blast

Today was magnificent. I was looking forward to the Inauguration, but wasn't expecting so much heartfelt joy. We already knew Obama was going to be President, so there isn't much logic to it... but by the gods, it felt as if the majority of the nation had breathed a huge sigh of relief and shouted out in jubilation.

I met up with some friends by the county courthouse for a celebration sponsored by The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (and MoveOn.org). It's no secret that I live in a very liberal area, and the decorations for the Inaugural celebration certainly reflected how most people around here feel.

I genuinely do feel sorry for George Bush!

The crowd was pretty small when we first arrived.

Some of the musicians and revelers

A 15-foot tall Lady Liberty was one of the stars of the event.

She's still being put together

The smaller crowd at the beginning:

I was delighted when the first sng played was one of my all-time favorites -- "This Little Light of Mine." I remember singing this in the shower when Obama won the Iowa caucus at the beginning of the primaries.

Many humorous, charming songs about the changing of administration were sung by one of the coolest bands ever -- The Raging Grannies.

The Raging Grannies themselves!

The speakers were all powerful and moving, but I only had enough memory to film bits and pieces. Here is the beginning and a middle portion of Ekua Omosup's beautiful speech:

Notice the guy on the bike? He's powering the sound system.

An elderly African American woman came over to her car by Steven and I and paused to look at us, saying "Boys and girls, did you ever think you would see this day?" If my heart so joyously swells on this glorious day, then I can hardly fathom what she must have been feeling.

The California bear flag

And a man whose name I don't remember who read a poem. He asked us for a moment of silence for Oscar Grant (though be careful -- I haven't had any desire to watch the clip myself), recently murdered by the police in a city near us.

We Shall Overcome

The Raging Grannies then played again:

Even dogs love Obama!

Participants were encouraged to create signs that reflected the change they would like to see under the Obama administration.

Then we were off, marching into downtown. The most amazing experience was witnessing the sheer, honest joy felt by so many. Hundreds of cars honked, the people waved, some shouting Obama's name.

The parade and the happy cars

Steven and I didn't mind that it was randomly 80 degrees in January -- we were having too much fun!

A lad and his dream

I loved how many kids got to be a part of this.

The randomness of the dog sticking its head out of the van makes me laugh so hard

Liberty boogies:

These ladies are dedicated to cleaning up the country

A glimpse of the onlookers, many of which joined in the parade. Our numbers just kept swelling!

Leanne the Beautiful

The Planned Parenthood staff was rocking out

Look! It's President Obama himself, rocking out with us! Whoo hoo!

Lady Liberty

Old friends or new friends. It doesn't matter. We all felt like good friends today.

Many we passed were filming us. In this age of technology,cameras abounded! Even people driving past.

People were also looking out of every high window, waving and cheering. Jubilation!

Look in the second highest tower!

After the parade stopped, the drumming and music continued, and we fully enjoyed ourselves as Lady Liberty, a woman on stilts, and the cardboard President Obama rocked out before us.

At first I was upset that my memory card was full before I could film the scene, however it gave me an excuse to tuck my camera away and to enjoy the moment. I think I will forever.

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Ojibway Migisi Bineshii said...

Wow, awesome pictures!

Looks like you have a really fun Inauguration Day! :)