Friday, April 2, 2010

Strange Junk

We've been getting some lovely April showers of late, and they are most welcomed. Here are some more flower pictures after a rain.

I also recently made a chocolate truffle torte. It's similar to a flour-less cake, except that it has a roasted pecan Graham cracker crust. This time, I added my own touch by making it with 60% cacao instead of semi sweet chocolate, and man... was there a difference. I probably gained a few pounds by eating a slice every night, but it's so good it should be illegal. Like, seriously. It's probably the best chocolate dessert I've ever had. And hey, the dark chocolate makes it good for you!


While visiting our cousins in suburbia, we once more chanced upon the phenomena of the week when people throw out all their junk onto the streets for everyone else and the garbage trucks. Since this phenomena is a novelty to us, we were quick to make the rounds, dragging our cousins along with us. Alex found a shopping cart that someone was trying to get rid of and practiced for her life as a homeless woman.

We passed by this lemon tree -- proof that the soil of the Silicon Valley still is intensely fertile (though covered in cement). The lemon in the center was at least the size of a grapefruit!

This is my aunt's cat, Forrest. He was, literally, stoned by that catnip mouse.

Alex is doing the Mighty Boosh skit of Old Gregg for the talent show and we picked up this little delight to play "Curly Jefferson."

At least an hour later, Forrest still hadn't moved

Out of all the items to put on the curb, a Kleenex box? Really? Why? Because it had a hole in it? Seriously???

I've never seen such a chair. I am as intrigued as I am disturbed.

So the other day I got the pleasant surprise that my thesis was due to Graduate Studies and Research by Monday. It would have been nice to a) have known that ahead of time and b) have had my professors at least tell me if they were approving my thesis, much less read their comments. As such, I've spent the last few days editing my book and scrambling to get everything together, on top of studying for my MFA exams next weekend, planning that trip to Vegas, and writing a script for a manager. And this is my semester "off"!

Anyway, yesterday, as I edited, I noticed two deer outside my window and decided to film them. While Johnny Cash played there was a surprise ending.

Tracie -- Whoa, thanks for the link, that's cool! And my interest in Egypt began just slightly before Stargate. I'd been studying Ancient Egypt in school in 6th grade and loving it, then for a reward, our class got to watch the Stargate movie (well, part of it) and I was in love and awe.

Hammy -- That's a great point about people being charged for animal cruelty but not child abuse. Wow. But doesn't that ring true so often? I think people would be more willing to donate money to an organization with an ad featuring wounded dogs than an ad showing starving children. We live in strange times.


Tracie said...

That is the cutest cat. Kinda of looks like a Gremlin though to me...

Good luck on your Thesis. You'll ace it I'm sure.

It's amazing what people will put in those piles of garbage and what people will take. I've put stuff out before and its gone five minutes later. Junky stuff...

the other amanda said...

Wow. That cat kinda scares me O__O I'll totally take that Winnie the Pooh chair! I can't believe the things people throw out! Best of luck with your thesis, darlin'! And tell Alex she ROCKS for performing Old Gregg! "Would you love me? Could you love me?" XD

Mackenzies Momma said...

Sorry I've been absent (things have been a *wee bit* insane around here. Grandmum has been in the hospital for two weeks now and I have a temporary dog ie- grandmums little annoying yap yap dog)

That cat reminds me of my aunt and uncles. is it a Persian?

Good luck on your thesis!