Monday, September 14, 2009

Summer Highlights

My favorite picture from camping

It's been a long while since I've blogged! My last year of grad school began almost a month ago now, and my summer was busy in the pleasantest way. I'll post some of the highlights over the next few days. Here are Here are the highlights of...



I miss waking up to this:

Views from our favorite beach:

Toot wasn't used to being around so many strangers and felt safe under the picnic bench, which was just as well since she'd bark at everyone who came too close to our campsite!

I thought this doxon looked a lot like Michael Caine...

Summer thunderstorm in the Sierras at about 5 AM

The lightning is at about one minute into the video

A lovely meadow

Natural art

Riparian vegetation upriver

Buddha Teyla

Buddha Chee Chee

Teyla drying off:

View from the dam

A bridge that reminded me of Jo and Laurie from Little Women...

A cove that looked like the Mediterranean

Sunrise on the last morning

I know Teyla is on the left, but I have no idea who is on the right!

Tracie -- Thank you kindly! :) I hope you get to visit the ocean again soon!

Mackenzie's Momma -- Thank you, too! And what happened with the coyotes and the peas???


Mackenzies Momma said...

Ooh great pictures. Really makes me wish I had more time to hike around here(and someone to hike with as you can't go on our trails alone).

As for coyotes and peas- only 1 coyote that I saw all season :(

Though I may have seen a lot of arses ;) oh wait those were the boys I worked with ;) ;)

Tracie said...

Oh Teyla is SO cute! Nice pictures!