Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Deer and Coyotes

A suspicious doe

Living where there are mountain lions and the alleged occasional black bear can make one wary when hiking or jogging in the mountains, but I think I have nothing to fear (hah -- watch me get eaten by a cougar tomorrow) since there is a huge deer population this year. Check out these pictures from one day alone... sitting in one spot for 15 minutes, no less.

A young buck

The A doe who took a while to notice us. If we were hunters we would've had a week's worth of dinner by now!

She sees us

The mountain lions and coyotes certainly have a lot of food out there which will hopefully keep them fed and away from people (especially the former... I've never heard of coyotes eating anyone). That said, it is still a little disturbing to walk out the door and find things like this lying around:

And since the deer are doing so well, the coyotes are, too. The other night I recorded a sound that I hear almost every night (yes, they just did it again as I wrote on this blog).

Coyotes Talking

Mackenzie's Momma -- You and sheep, LOL! I agree, though. Of all the animals I have ever worked with, sheep have been the most freakishly stupid. I think we bred the idiocy into them. That's why we kept our ewe - she was supposed to go to the market but she showed some spunk and spirit and intelligence, which we knew was rare!

Tracie -- Okay, I really need to watch The Lost Boys now!

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Mackenzies Momma said...

We have a black bear around here but we don't worry too much about him(her?) because its mostly seen crossing the road. There are cougars in the nearby hills and really discourages me from going out on the trails even though they are highly populated(we have a HUGE Tree Farm just a mile down the road, with GREAT trails).

As for sheep I very much agree with you. We as humans breed the stupidity into them. I actually have a shirt that was designed for me by my best friend when she brought her sheep home(knowing that I don't like sheep) that cracks me up everytime I wear/look at it.

The little poem on the front is:

"Sheep are bad, sheep are dumb, sheep stink" (though as I pointed out to her it would have been MUCH funnier if it had been "sheep are baaaaa'd")

I will be curious how many coyotes I see in a few weeks as they are known frequenters of the pea fields as the mice and such we stir up are like a giant coyote buffet.