Friday, December 19, 2008


The lighthouse

I promised to put these pictures up ages ago, though I don't think anyone else cares.

The day after Halloween, November 1st, 2008, my mom, dad, sister and I went down to the local harbor to see the Nina -- a replica of the ship upon which Christopher Columbus sailed on hi expedition to India in 1492. Yeah, you know. The one where the poor retard landed in America and called the Indians well... Indians.

I should probably share the fact that I am absoultely in love with tall ships and everything about them. I have studies Sailing (both on my own and in a class) and have sailed on a tall ship twice -- The Hawaiian Chieftain. I love that ship. Like, LOVE. Few experiences or sensations in my life can compare to the thrill and excitement I feel as soon as I hear the creaking of the blocks and feel the sway of the sea beneath my feet. Passions like this, inexplicable in this life, must come from past lives. Even as a child I loved to listen to the doors of the barn blowing in the breeze, creaking like a ship...

All photos were either taken by me or Alex.






Pumpkin... it was the day after Halloween!


Rope has never looked so beautiful.

Alex is either cold or wondering why I'm taking her picture. Or both. But her lovely eyes match the sea!

If you look closely, you can see the coast guard practicing in the stormy seas.

Probably taking the above picture!

Yes, water was on the lens. It was raining!

The coast guard

Pelicans hanging out on a downed piling from the looks of it

coast guard again

big waves!

Okay. I have reach much of Christopher Columbus' diary/journal. He started to go insane around the 3rd of 4th voyage. Now I see why. Look how roomy his quarters were. Prisoners had more luxury!


I somehow doubt they had this on the real ship... but am glad they have it on the replica!

There was a crab on one of the pilings on the dock. A crab. Yes, there are often starfish and barnacles and even muscles, but crabs? I'm afraid of crabs and they hate me! I never even ate one and they hated me! Well, a year ago after I realized that crab is yummy, I decided to fight back. I now eat them. Though maybe they hate me because once a friend and I combed the beach, blowing up their empty shells with bottle rockets. We probably desecrated a graveyard or something. Though don't worry -- we were smart. At one point we gave an anemone in a tide pool the stick of the rocket to hold then lit it. See? The anemone fired it, not us! I think it liked it.

So pretty!

More pelicans. They kind of scare me ever since I saw one bite another's throat open in August as they were fighting over scraps of fish a fisherman was feeding them...

The beach

On the drive back, I filmed some of the surf, a coast guard person in it, and some California gulls in flight!

I would say all the excitement turned me retarded, but I kind of always look like that...

And here are some awesome pictures from that day and the next!

The barn looks alien

The Toot looks possessed... but then again, maybe she is. Look what she did to that soccer ball!

Kate, Mickey, Teyla

Our house looks spooky!

I also tried out a new recipe the next day -- pumpkin meringue pie!

And my dad made lots of yummy donuts!

Mackenzie's Momma -- I'm glad you enjoyed them! Hmm... I should ask Mathilde if she's seen any on those topics! ;) Are you done with your semester? And I'd love the recipe! :D

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Mackenzies Momma said...

I'll drop you the recipe in the AM(am too tired to go dig it out at the moment) but you ought to enjoy it.

*LOVE* the pics of the ship! Out of curiosity have you ever considered doing the "Semester at Sea" program, where you spend a semester at sea working on a real live tall ship?

Great farm pics as well, I've been snapping a ton the last few days with all the snow we've been having. The buildings, and fences make such great backdrops and comparison points for drifts, and depths(I.E.- see the fence? Its 4 feet- note how the snow reaches up to nearly the top. 3 foot drift).